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Willy Taveres to Reds for Bronson Arroyo

I thought of a trade that could potentially help both the Rockies and the Reds. The speedy center fielder Willy Taveres for pitcher Bronson Arroyo and cash. The Rox don’t need Taveras because they have Ryan Spilborghs and Dextor Fowler making him very expendable and certain to be shopped this winter. Arroyo is expendable because if Micah Owings is the PTBNL in the Adam Dunn trade, it gives the Reds six pitchers for five spots. They could trade Homer Baily instead, but for a rebuilding team like the Reds, it would be smarter to deal Arroyo. This move would give the Reds a good leadoff hitter. It would give the Rox a good fourth starter. This move makes sense.