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Giants Sign Edgar Renteria for 2 Years, 18 Million


The Giants have signed Edgar Renteria to a 2 year, 18 million dollar deal. There was a false report about a week and a half ago that said Rents signed in San Francisco for 2 years, 18 million. I hated the signing, and wrote three major reasons why it was stupid. You can scratch out one because Renteria will no longer cost a draft pick after the Tigers declined to offer him arbitration. I still hate the signing, though.


Giants Sign Edgar Renteria for 2 Years, 18  Million

Update: It was a false report. Renteria has not signed with any team and is not even close. It looks like I got all worked up about it for nothing.


The Giants have signed shortstop Edgar Renteria to a 2 year, 18 million dollar contract. Terrible move! These are the reasons why.

  1. They overpayed. Renteria was very bad last year. He played awful defense and hit only .270. The 9 million per year they gave him was flat out stupid. Orlando Cabrera, a better player, will be looking for the same annual amount for maybe 1 extra year. Second baseman Orlando Hudson wants 10 million per for 2 more years. That’s too much money, but would look great compared to this contract. I have no idea why the Giants would give this kind of money to a 33 year old, mediocre at best shortstop.
  2. Renteria is a type A free agent that almost definatly wouldn’t have been offered arbitration. The Tigers, after declining his 12 million club option, wouldn’t have risked watching him accept and getting stuck with him. If the Giants were going to make this terrible signing, couldn’t they have waited until after the deadline to offer players arbitration? That would have made it a little more acceptable. Instead, they just give away their second round draft pick in next year’s draft. This also limits them with other free agents because if they sign another type A, they will be fortifing their 2nd and 3rd round picks. The Giants second pick would be the in 4th round! This is not the way you rebuild a team.
  3. This takes them out of the Rafael Furcal and Orlando Hudson bidding. Furcal has always made a ton of sense for their team, but he won’t be signed because Renteria is blocking his path. It looks like the A’s become the frontrunner now. Hudson won’t be aquired because it would screw up their draft next year. Like I previously stated, their second pick would be in the 4th round. It looks like Edgar Renteria will be the big free agent signing the team will make for their infield. They had a great oppertunity to compete, but this signing just tables it.

My letter grade for them on this free agent signing: F  

Tigers Won’t Cut Payroll

Tiger’s GM Dave Dombrowski said that they will be holding the line on payroll. It had been previosly thought that the Tigers would cut payroll. So instead of having 5 million to spend, they will have about 14 million available. That much could buy them a solid starter, shortstop, or closer. You have to think they enter the market for Brian Fuentes now. Edgar Renteria would be easier to resign. If they backload the contract, you might even see them enter the Derek Lowe market. Lowe is from Detriot, so he could take a small discount to go to Mo Town. The Tigers would love to aquire him; he’d make a nice 1-2 punch atop their rotation, pairing with Justin Verlander. If that happens, and then they get a bounce-back year from Jeremy Bonderman, Dontrelle Willis, or Nate Robertson, they might compete. You never know. This is still basicly the same team that many people thought would win the world series last year. We’ll see.

Orioles Considering Free Agent Shortstops

The Orioles are considering signing a shortstop this offseason. Rafael Furcal, Orlando Cabrera, and Edgar Renteria could all be possible additions. I don’t really like the idea of the Oriols making any big free agent signings, but I understand what they’re thinking. This player would stay around while they’re contending. Orlando Cabrera is the only reasonable target to me. Rafeal Furcal will cost way too much. Edgar Renteria would only want a one or two year deal, so he won’t be around by the time they are competing. Cabrera won’t cost too much and he’s better than Rents. However, I think they should abandoned this idea and continue their rebuilding process. Trade Brian Roberts or sign him to an extension, extend Nick Markakis, and if they have an itch to spend some money, go after AJ Burnett. He would make a lot of sense for them if other teams get out bid.

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Offseason Plan: St. Louis Cardinals

The overachieving St. Louis Cardinals have faded from the playoff race recently, but could make a comback in 2009 with a succesful offseason. They need to add at least one starter with Kyle Lohse and Braden Looper hitting free agency. They also need a lefty reliever for the bullpen. A complete middle infield makeover is in order. It wouldn’t kill them to use Brendan Ryan at one of the positions, but the other must be sloved outside of the organazation. They will be in on all #3 or #4 type starters, as well as Will Ohman and Edgar Renteria. I picked them to sign both, as well as Mark Ellis in the offseason. It is going to be tough to compete in the NL Central, however. The Cubs are awesome, the Brewers are going to be very good even without CC Sabathia and maybe Ben Sheets, the Astros are likely to make some big splashes, and if certain Reds’ young players break out, the Cards could finish in fifth place. This team is going to have to move an outfielder in the offseason with Colby Rasmus likely to be called up from AAA. The one being shopped could be Rick Ankiel. With the bleak center field market, he could have a lot of interest. He is a free agent after 2009. It makes more sense to trade him instead of Skip Schumaker, who isn’t even arb. eligible untill after 2009. I think Ankiel should be traded for one of their needs. The Cardinals are a team that could continue to compete, but might also fall on their faces. However, a lot of people were saying they’d be awefull this year, and they were wrong. Don’t underestimate Tony LaRussa.

Offseason Plan: Toronto Blue Jays

I have stated before that it would be smart for the Blue Jays to sell off Roy Halladay and rebuild. But, because he is there only decent trade chip, they are likely to retool. They don’t have many needs. According to our Offseason Needs post, they only have two, shortstop and designated hitter. The problem is that they need players like Alex Rios, Aaron Hill, and Vernon Wells to come back from injury and return to form. If these things happen, and they add a shortstop and DH, they could contend. Wouldn’t it be awesome to see the Rays and Blue Jays at the top of that divsion, with no Yankees and Red Sox. My Top 50 Free Agents list predicts the Jays will sign Jason Giambi and Orlando Cabrera. This, along with Rios, Wells, and Hill returning to form, would give the Jays a chance to compete. I think they will try hard for Manny Ramirez, and be one of the most aggresive suitors for him. If they fail out on Manny and Giambi, they should go after Raul Ibanez. They had interest in him at the trade-deadline. If they miss out on all of them, they would have to settle for a lesser player like Jaun Rivera. For shortstop options if they miss out on Cabrera, they could go after Rafael Furcal and Edgar Renteria. Worst case they could settle with resigning David Eckstein. The Blue Jays don’t have a great chance, but if things go right offensive wise, they could compete.

Shortstop Free Agent Market

Your shortstop free agent market


Free Agents

  • Rafael Furcal
  • Orlando Cabrera
  • Edgar Renteria (12 million club option with a 3 million buyout)
  • David Eckstein
  • Nomar Garciaparra
  • Felipe Lopez
  • Jaun Uribe
  • Cesar Izturis
  • Adam Everett
  • Omar Vizquel

Teams in Need

  • Orioles
  • Blue Jays
  • Tigers
  • Twins
  • Royals
  • Cardinals
  • Reds
  • Dodgers
  • Giants