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Could Russell Martin be Available?

I was looking over MLB Trade Rumors, and I saw that Russell Martin could be available. Of course, the Dodgers would have to be blown away, but it’s possible. They seem to think he doesn’t want to resign, and that they could fill a huge need. Right away I thought of the Red Sox as a possible suitor. Might Jon Lester work for both teams? Yes, the Red Sox loose a great young pitcher, but they get one of the game’s top catchers. They could sign some free agent starter to replace Lester. For example: Derek Lowe’s prefered destrination is the Red Sox. They could sign him to take Lester’s place. The market for catcher isn’t very good, so it would be hard to replace Martin. Some would argue that it would close one hole to open up another. I agree. If I was the Dodgers, I’d just sign a starter this offseason and keep Martin. He probably will stick around. It just interested me to see that he could be available.

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