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Regular Season Preview: The Seattle Mariners

The Seattle Mariners had a very disappointing 2008 after coming into the season with very high expectations.  They spent a ton of money while depleting the farm system to acquire starting pitchers Erik Bedard and Carlos Silva.  Bedard was hurt and ineffective while Silva was flat out awful.  After other pitchers in the rotation such as Jarrod Washburn and Miguel Batista faltered, the team fell apart.mariners.gif

In this offseason, they didn’t do much to improve the team; however they did bring back future Hall-of-Famer Ken Griffey Junior.  Raul Ibanez, Jose Vidro, and Richie Sexon have all departed.  The Mariners executed a couple trades in the offseason.  First, they traded closer JJ Putz to the Mets in a three way trade that brought them a host of young players.  Then, they dealt Aaron Heilman, a player acquired in the Putz trade, to the Cubs for Garret Olson and Ronny Cedeno.  This year’s version of the Mariners will not be much better than the last one, in fact, they’ll probably be worse.  Losing Putz and Ibanez will hurt them, and Adrian Beltre could be traded during the season.

It will get worse before it gets better, so the M’s have got to continue to clean house and deal Beltre and Bedard.  I don’t think that this team has the talent to retool by adding a couple of bats or arms next offseason.  They’ll have to blow it up and start over the way the A’s and Rangers have done.  With the aforementioned teams on the way up and with the Angels standing high, it is imperative for the Mariners to rebuild.  Aim for competing in 2011 or 2012 and hope that new GM Jack Zduriencik can rebuild this team successfully.

Mets Aquire JJ Putz in 3-Team Trade

A wild, 3-team trade has occurred to net the Mets JJ Putz. Also, Keith Law provides some great analysis. The trade between the Mets, Mariners, and Indians, and will look like this…

  • Mets get: JJ Putz, Jeremy Reed, Sean Green
  • Indians get: Joe Smith, Luis Valbuena
  • Mariners get: Aaron Heilman, Endy Chavez, Mike Carp, Franklin Gutierrez, pitcher Maikel Cleto, outfielder Ezequiel Carrera, pitcher Jason Vargas


  • Mets lose: Aaron Heilman, Joe Smith, Endy Chavez, Mike Carp, Maikel Cleto, Ezquiel Carrera, Jason Vargas
  • Indians lose: Franklin Gutierrez
  • Mariners lose: JJ Putz, Jeremy Reed, Sean Green, Luis Valbuena


JJ PutzI absolutely love this trade for the Mets. They add two lights-out closers cheaply. Francisco Rodriguez got only 36 million and then they nab Putz for a bunch of mid-tier players. Could you imagine how they’ll fare in the playoffs? (I’m not saying that they’ll make it, but if they do) They could have Johan Santana go 7 lights-out innings to set it up for Putz and K-Rod to end the game. That’s sick stuff. Green and Reed also add depth to the ‘pen and outfield.

It’s not like they sold the farm, either. They gave up a lot of players, but none are anything special. Smith and Heilman were fairly solid bullpen pieces, but Heilman is coming off an awful year while Smith seemed to get lucky. His peripheral stats were terrible. Endy Chavez was a nice little fourth outfielder, but it doesn’t kill your team to lose a fourth outfielder. Besides, Angel Pagan or Reed could do just as well. Mike Carp was never going to be the Mets’ first baseman. He has some solid potential, but they would never take the below-average power he would of brought to first base because of all their money. Carrera has bad stats, but he does have speed. Vargas is doing really good in the Winter Leagues, but he’s been unsuccessful in his trips to the big leagues. Cleto has high upside because of his great stuff, but his stats weren’t anything special. Still, it is tuff to trade
Metsa young prospect who throws a 98 MPH fastball to go along with a solid slider. He could become a closer one day if he gets his slider under control. I really like this trade, because none of these players would have had a big impact on the Mets in 2009, and probably even beyond.

Indians.jpgIt seems like a decent trade for the Indians. It was obvious that Gutierrez wasn’t in their long-term plans, and they got a pretty solid return for him. Smith was a good reliever last year, and should still be solid despite bad peripheral stats. Valbuena was solid in the minors, and could become a solid utility player eventually. This is a decent swap for the Tribe.

I’ll be honest by saying that I don’t like this deal for the Mariners. There is not one high upside player in this trade aside from Cleto, but he’s only got one great pitch. I suppose that Heilman could bounce back and become a solid back-end starter for the Ms, but he could also blow up again. I don’t see any of the outfielders —
MarinersFranklin Gutierrez, Endy Chavez, or Ezequiel Carrera — becoming anything better than a fourth outfielder. Maybe one of them becomes a fringe center fielder. Mike Carp looks like he will have an above average OBP, but his lack of power doesn’t make him a very attractive prospect. Jason Vargas is basically your AAAA player, and that’s being generous. I’m just not understanding why the Mariners felt they had to trade JJ Putz without getting a package with some solid prospects. I would’ve waited until the trade-deadline.

Whew! That was a long post, but it had to be because it was such a huge trade. 

Team’s Payroll

I will put the amount of money teams will have to spend this offseason along with their payroll from the previous year, arbitration eligible players, and the salary they have committed. This will make things easier when trying to guess who could afford the top-notch free agents. I was informed greatly from MLB Trade Rumors. This will be a side-bar link.



 Last year’s payroll

 Salary Committed

 Arbitration Eligible

 Estimated money to spend


102 million 

48 million 

Casey Kothman, Omar Infante, Kelly Johnson, Matt Diaz, Jeff Francoeur, Mike Gonzalez 

 45 million


 138 million

104 million 

 Ryan Church, John Maine, Aaron Heilman, Pedro Feliciano, Duaner Sanchez

28 million 


103 million

100 million 

Cole Hamels, Jayson Werth, Shane Victorino, Joe Blanton, Greg Dobbs, Ryan Howard  

15 million 


 21 million

 20 million

Scott Olsen, Jorge Cantu, Ricky Nolasco, Mike Jacobs, Jeremy Hermida, Josh Willingham, Dan Uggla, Cody Ross, Matt Treanor, Alfredo Amezaga, Joe Nelson, Kevin Gregg, Logan Kensing, Eulogio de la Cruz, Doug, Waechter 

0 million


55 million 

40 million 

Ryan Zimmerman, Tim Redding, Jesus Colome, Ryan Wagner, Willy Harris

10 million 


118 million

122 million 

Reed Johnson, Ronny Cedeno, Michael Wuertz, Neal Cotts, Chad Gaudin 

20 million 


80 million 

60 million 

Prince Fielder, Rickie Weeks, JJ Hardy, Corey Hart, Dave Bush, Seth McClung, Todd Coffey, Chris Capuano 

20 million 


100 million 

78 million 

Aaron Miles, Rick Ankiel, Ryan Ludwick, Todd Wellemyer, Brad Thompson 

20 million 


74 million 

54.5 million 

Bill Bray, Edwin Encarnacion, Mike Lincoln 

15 million


 86 million

88 million 

Humberto Quintero, Ty Wigginton, David Newhan, Brian Backe, Wandy Rodriguez, Jose Valverde, Geoff Geary, Tim Byrdak 

15 million 


 49 million

31 million 

Ryan Doumit, Adam LaRoche, Nate McLouth, Paul Maholm, Zack Duke, John Grabow, Tyler Yates, Denny Bautista 

8 million 


59 million 

118  million 

Russell Martin, Andre Eithier, Takashi Saito, Jonathan Broxton, Scott Proctor, Yhency Brazoban

50 million 

Diamond Backs 

 66 million

55 million 

Chris Snyder, Augie Ojeda, Conor Jackson, Chris Burke, Edgar Gonzalez, Chad Qualls

10 million 


68 million 

77.5 million 

Garret Atkins, Willy Tavaras, Jorge de la Rosa, Jason Grilli 

3 million 


73 million 

44 million 

Jody Gerut, Scott Hairston, Heath Bell, Clay Hensley 

4 million 


76 million 

64 million 

Fred Lewis 

10 million 


124 million 

87 million 

Macier Izturis, Rob Quinlan, Chone Figgins, Ervin Santana 

30 million 


48 million 

29 million 

Huston Street, Justin Duchscherer Rob Bowen 

10 million + 


67 million 

63 million 

Gerald Laird, Marlon Byrd, Brandon McCarthy, Frank Francisco, CJ Wilson, Kameron Loe 

10 million 


117 million 

88 million 

Felix Hernandez, Erik Bedard, Jeremy Reed 

20 million – 

White Sox 

121 million 

108 million 

Bobby Jenks, DJ Carasco, DeWayne Wise

10 million 


57 million 

54 million 

Jason Kubel, Matt Guerrier 

15 million 


79 million 

64 million 

Kelly Shoppach 

15 million 


137 million 

115 million 

Marcus Thames, Ramon Santiago, Fernando Rodney, Justin Verlander, Gary Glover, Joel Zumaya, Bobby Seay 

5 million 

14 million

14 millionRoyals 

58 million 

52 million 

John Buck, Esteban German, Mark Teahen, Joey Gathright, Zack Greinke, Brian Bannister, Kyle Davies, Jimmy Gobble, Joel Peralta 

7 million 

Red Sox 

133 million 

92 million 

Kevin Youkilis, Kevin Cash, Javier Lopez, Jonathan Papelban 

33 million 


43 million 

49 million 

Edwin Jackson, Dioner Navarro, Jason Bartlett, Gabe Gross, Jonny Gomes, Grant Balfour

5 million 


209 million 

140 million 

Xavier Nady, Wilson Betemit, Chien-Ming Wang, Brian Bruney 

50 million 

Blue Jays 

98 million 

80 million 

Jose Bautista, Jason Frasor, Brian Tallet, Brandon League

15 million 


67 million 

63 million 

Freddie Bynum, Luke Scott, Nick Markakis, Jeremy Guthrie, Daniel Cabrera, George Sherrill, Chris Ray, Fernando Cabrera 

15 million 


Player Market: Adrian Beltre

The Mariners hold the best third baseman available this offseason in Adrian Beltre. Since they want to rebuild, it makes sense for them to shop him around. Remember, he has a no-trade-claus, so he’d probably only go to a contender. Lets look at some teams that could become interested.

Twins (frontrunners)  They need a third baseman and Beltre is the best available. He has one year, 11.5 left on his contract. Unless the M’s eat a lot of salary, they can’t expect to get one of the Twins four good young pitchers. Even if they do eat part of the conract, it might not be enough. I think Kevin Mulvey for Beltre is fair for both teams. It would take away the depth at starting pitching for the Twins, though, and that’s something they probably don’t want to do.

Mariners (frontrunners)  I have a feeling that they’ll ask for a ton, just like they did at last year’s trade deadline. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see this happen, I just pitty every Mariners fan.

Indians (possible)  They would like to move Jhonny Peralta to third base so they can improve the defense. But adding Beltre and his gold glove helps their defense more than most other players could. They could offer Ben Francisco or Franklin Gutierrez. The player could play a lot on a terrible team like the Mariners.

Dodgers (possible)  Could Beltre go back to his former team? It’s possible. They could make an offer that apeals the Mariners. I think Beltre would go back to LA to belt some homers. This trade could work out, but in the end, I think the Dodgers will resign Casey Blake instead of trading for Adrian Beltre.

Kyle Lohse Signs 4 Year, 41 Million Dollar Extension

Right after I posted that Kyle Lohse could be extended, he did get extended for four years, 41 million plus a full no trade claus. It seems a little bit of a better deal for the Cardinals than for the Mariners with Carlos Silva, but I still think Scott Boras did a good job. Remember when everyone thought he screwed up Lohse by not taking the 3 year, 30 million contract offered by the Mets and the Phillies? Well, that looks like a smart move now. Instead of getting that, he gets effectively 5 years, 45.5 million. So, an extra two years for 15 million. Looks like a nice job. Plus, he got Lohse a NTC (no trade claus) which could eventually be bought out for an extra 2-3 million. It doesn’t look terrible for the Cards, but still a win by Boras. I would’ve perfered 3 years instead of four, but he is young, so hopefully it won’t matter. The bar for starting pitching has been set.

Cardinals Close to Extending Kyle Lohse

The Cardinals are on the verge of signing Kyle Lohse. When I heard about that, I was happy for them. But when I heard about the amount of money and years, I changed my mind. It says Lohse will be signed for the 4 years, 48 million that Carlos Silva got. I think it’s a bad deal for the Cards. This free agent market is much deeper than last years, so there is less of a demand. Even though there was a big need, that deal still made zero sense for the Mariners. It also sets the bar for all the better free agents. Ryan Dempster, Jon Garland, and Oliver Perez should all be paid more than Kyle Lohse. I’m not sure some of them should get over 48 million, however. This might be a crazy offseason if the ninth best free agent starting pitcher gets paid 4 years, 48 million.

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Offseason Plan: Conclusion

The Offseason Plan series has sadly ended. It was a lot of fun writing this. I hope you enjoyed it. Remember, you can always click on the sidebar link: Offseason Plan to see them all. Here are the links for every team’s offseason plan…


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Offseason Plan: Seattle Mariners

The Seattle Mariners are a bad team, end of story. They need to blow this team up and start from scratch. I think a fire sale is in order. They have not done well, thus far. Seattle had two chances to trade Jarrod Washburn and his big salary, but passed both times. Washburn has had a terrible month of August, but hopefully some team will still take on that large salary in the offseason. Also, maybe they didn’t want to make any trades untill they found out who the next GM will be. I have a feeling Lee Pelekoudas won’t be back. In this offseason they need to trade Washburn and his salary if there are any takers, maybe trade Miguel Batista and/or Carlos Silva as well while eating salary. Erik Bedard also has to go. He is the only player on their team outside of Ichiro and Felix Hernandez that could bring back quality prospects in a trade. They can’t let these overpayed veterans get all the starts and force great prospects like Brandon Morrow and AJ Dickey into the bullpen. I wouldn’t mind if they dealt all four of these guys. Now, to the offense. They were stubborn in there asking prices for Adrian Belte and Raul Ibanez as well. Ibanez they had an excuse, though, because if they let Ibanez walk this winter, they will get draft picks because of his type A status. Beltre needs to be moved. Next year is the last in his contract and they won’t be competing. Also, try to move Kenji Johjima if you can. It will be hard becasue of his terrible contract, but maybe there will be a taker because of the weak free agent market for catchers. So my plan for the Mariners: No big money free agents, and have a fire sale.

Offseason Needs

Now that I have finished the free agent market series, I will list the offseason needs of every team. It’s just another way to find out what your team is interested in.


Braves- Starter, Reliever, Left Fielder, Center Fielder

Mets- Starter, Reliever, Left Fielder, First Basemen

Phillies- Starter, Reliever, Left Fielder

Marlins- Reliever, Catcher

Nationals- Starter, Reliever, two outfielders

Cubs- Reliever, Center Fielder

Brewers- Starter, Reliever (get 2), Center Fielder

Cardinals- Starter, Reliever, Second Basemen, Shortstop

Astros- Starter (get 2), Reliever (get 2), Catcher

Reds- Reliever, Center Fielder, Left Fielder, Shortstop, Catcher

Pirates- Starter, Reliever

Dodgers- Starter (get 2), Shortstop, Second Base, Third Base

Diamond Backs- Starter, Reliever, Second Base

Padres- Starter, Reliever, Left Fielder, Center Fielder

Rockies- Starter, Reliever, Second Basemen

Giants- Reliever, Shortstop, Third Basemen

Angels- Reliever, First Basemen, Left Fielder or DH

Rangers- Starter, Reliever, DH

A’s- Shortstop, Third Basemen

Mariners- Reliever, DH, Left Fielder

White Sox- Second Basemen

Twins- Reliever, Third Basemen, Shortstop

Tigers- Starter, Reliever, Catcher, Shortstop, Left Fielder

Royals- Starter, First Basemen, Catcher

Indians- Starter, Reliever, Second Basemen, Third Basemen/Shortstop

Yankees- Starter, Reliever, First Basemen/Left Fielder

Red Sox- Reliever, Catcher

Rays- Right Fielder, DH

Blue Jays- DH, Shortstop

Orioles- Starter, Reliever, First Basemen, Third Basemen, Shortstop