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Catcher Free Agent Market

I will be making a free agent market series. I will name all of the somewhat respectable free agents in the order of best to worst. If I miss anyone, please tell me in the coments. I will also name the teams I think will be interested in the position. There will be a link on the players I have done in my “player market” series. Today, I will start with catcher.


Free Agents

  • Pudge Rodriguez
  • Jason Varitek
  • Miguel Olivo (1.75 million club option with a 0.1 million buyout)
  • Rod Brarajas (2.5 million club option with a 0.5 million buyout)
  • Henry Blanco (3 million mutual option with a 0.3 million buyout)
  • Toby Hall (1.15 million club option with a 0.15 million buyout)
  • Mike Redmond (0.95 million club option with a 0.1 million buyout)
  • Greg Zaun
  • Paul LoDuca
  • Dave Ross
  • Michael Barret
  • Johnny Estrada
  • Jason LaRue

Teams in Need

  • Red Sox
  • Yankees
  • Tigers
  • Marlins
  • Astros
  • Reds