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Offseason Plan: Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs offseason plan is pretty simple: Bring back the players you have. Ryan Dempster, Kerry Wood, and Jim Edmonds are all key free agents that the Cubs will try to resign. If they can get all of them back, which they will if my Top 50 Free Agents are correct, they will be pretty much done. It is possible they could look to shop Jason Marquis and move Jeff Samardzija into the rotation. If they do this, look for them to add a middle reliever. There payroll last year was 118 million. This year, if they bring back the vets, it could be in the high 130’s low 140’s next year. They’d have to throw in some money to move Marquis, but if they offer to pay 4 million of the 9 million left, it probably could be done. If a team is willing to sign Livan Hernandez to a 1 year, 5 million contract, why not trade for Marquis at 1 year, 5 million. Then they could sign a reliever for about the 5 million they would’ve used on Marquis and this team would be better than it’s already awesome 2008 team. If they miss out on Wood, they’ll probably keep Samardzija in the bullpen. If the lose out on Dempster, they’ll probably move Samardzija to the rotation. If they lose both (not likely at all) or sign both it is up for grabs what they’ll do. Bottom Line: If this team gets their pieces back, whatch out.

Starting Pitching Free Agent Market

The hitters market isn’t that good, but now we get to the best part, the pitching. I labled the starters with what kind of starter I think they are. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, C5, (Which means competing for the 5th spot) and DL. (Which means they are returning from the DL, or an injury)


Free Agents

  • 1. CC Sabathia
  • 1. Ben Sheets
  • 1. John Lackey (9 million club option with a 0.5 million buyout)
  • 2. Ryan Dempster
  • 2. Mike Mussina
  • 2. Derek Lowe
  • 2. AJ Burnett (Can opt out)
  • 3. Oliver Perez
  • 3. Jon Garland
  • 3. Kyle Lohse
  • 3. Tim Wakefield (4 million club option)
  • 3. Greg Maddux
  • 3. Andy Pettitte
  • 3. Randy Johnson
  • 3. Brad Penny (8.75 million club option with a 2 million buy out)
  • 4. Jamie Moyer
  • 4. Braden Looper
  • 4. Odalis Perez
  • 4. Kenny Rogers
  • 4. Tom Glavine
  • 4. Randy Wolf
  • 5. Paul Byrd
  • 5. Jon Lieber
  • 5. Livan Hernandez
  • C5. Mark Hendrickson
  • C5. Brett Tomko
  • C5. Josh Fogg
  • C5. Kip Wells
  • C5. Tony Armas Jr.
  • DL. John Smoltz (12 million club option)
  • DL. Roger Clemens
  • DL. Freddy Garcia
  • DL. Curt Schilling
  • DL. Pedro Martinez
  • DL. Jason Jennings
  • DL. Mark Mulder (11 million club option with a 1.5 million buyout)
  • DL. Orlando Hernandez
  • DL. Mark Prior
  • DL. Esteban Loaiza
  • DL. Carl Pavano (13 million club option with a 1.95 million buyout)
  • DL. Mike Hampton
  • DL. Matt Clement
  • DL. Kris Benson

Teams in Need

  • Mets
  • Yankees
  • Dodgers (get 2)
  • Braves
  • Blue Jays
  • Astros (get 2)
  • Rangers
  • Brewers
  • Phillies
  • Red Sox (Only for a #1)
  • Tigers
  • Indians
  • Nationals
  • Padres
  • Rockies
  • D’Backs
  • Royals
  • Cardinals
  • Orioles
  • Pirates