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Victor Martinez for Mike Lowell Makes Sense

Of course this wouldn’t happen unless the Red Sox aquire Mark Teixera, but if they did, I think Victor Martinez for Mike Lowell would make a lot of sense for both teams.

The Red Sox, flush with cash, would pay the remainder of Lowell’s contract. They could easily afford this. Let’s assume Teixera gets 20 million per year. Martinez will get paid 5.2 million this year. That equals 25 million, leaving the Sox with 10 million extra to sign a fourth outfielder with or just sit on until the deadline. Martinez is a great addition to the team, and that becomes the best lineup in the MLB if you add Tex and V-Mart.

This trade also makes sense for the Indians because they get to aquire a great third baseman for no cost at all. They actually dump salaryb by making this move. It would leave them with 20 million to spend to fill the closer and starting pitching holes. Brian Fuentes and Jon Garland could be two nice aquisitions. So, the Indians would be adding Lowell, Fuentes, and Garland by just subtracting Martinez. They would then give Ryan Garko another shot at first base. Or move Matt LaPorta to the cold corner and sign a left fielder instead of Fuentes or Garland. This idea is much better than the other option. Having Mark Grudzielanek, Trevor Hoffman, and Freddy Garcia while keeping Martinez is not as good as the above mentioned idea.

So I think this trade has the potential to be a big win-win for both teams. Tell me what you think in the comments.

What Will the Red Sox Do?

The Red Sox have 30 million to spend without anything to spend it on. Their only holes: catcher and middle reliever. Niether position have superstars available that would take up 30 million. So if the Red Sox fill those holes cheaply, what else will they do? Mark Teixera has been a pretty popular rumor. I like this idea for them because it would take their lineup to a whole new demension while getting protection behind David Ortiz. Ortiz-Tex is just as good of a 3-4 punch as Ortiz-Manny Ramirez. Mike Lowell would have to be traded for this idea to come to fruition, but he should be moveable on a salary dump trade. Some team will take a chance on him. If they strike out on Tex, they could turn to starting pitching. I know that you aren’t hearing any rumors about it, but CC Sabathia could be an intriging free agent for two big reasons. 1: He could make them the unquestioned best team in the MLB, and 2: He won’t become a Yankee. They seem unhappy about the price, though, so don’t expect to see CC in Red Sox next summer. The next tier of starters are all possible. The Sox will be in the bidding for Derek Lowe, AJ Burnett, and Ben Sheets. Lowe has familiarity which makes him the most attractive; you can rest assured he won’t fall apart under the pressure of Boston. Burnett is also a target because the Yankees want him. He could help their team out a ton. If they miss out on Burnett and Lowe, they could turn to Sheets. They might be the best fit for him because it won’t kill them if he gets injured since they have such great depth. It is very possible that they don’t land anyone because they don’t feel they have to overpay since they don’t have a need at any of these positions. It is also possible that they add Teixera and a starter. Let’s say that Tex takes 20 million per year and the starter takes 16 million per. That would be 36 million, but after aquiring Tex they must trade Lowell and his 12 million. If they bring in Teixera along with either Lowe or Burnett, they will be a very tough team to beat in 2009 and should challenge for the world series again, let alone the AL East.

Surprising Teams Show up in Mark Teixera Sweepstakes

Some surprising teams are showing up in the Mark Teixera sweepstakes. For some reason the Nationals and Red Sox are interested in his services. I will get to the Nats first, then the Red Sox.

The Nationals are a terrible team. Jim Bowden seems to be unable to get that through his head. They are known to be looking for a cleanup hitter, such as Adam Dunn. I was not a fan of this idea, but the possibility of throwing 160 million at Teixera is just utter stupidness. If they want to be a contending team they have to save their money and rebuild. If they just want to countinually sign big free agents they will go nowhere. This team could be shaping up like the Oriols. The team who hasn’t been good in the last 10 years because of dumb free agent signings.

I can kind of understand the Red Sox’ interest. They would have to trade Mike Lowell, but signing Tex would give them a truly scary lineup. It would almost be like having Manny Ramirez back hitting behind Big Papi: David Ortiz. There should be a huge bidding war for him, but the Red Sox have 30 million+ to spend. They could easily afford it, especially once Mike Lowell’s contract is gone. This is surprising to me, but you can’t argue against a contending team that’s trying to get better. 

Who would take Mike Lowell?

If the Red Sox sign Mark Teixera, move Kevin Youkilis to third base, and attempt to trade Mike Lowell, who would be interested in trading for the latter. He was not great, and battled injuries throughout the year. He had surgery, but should be back to 100% by spring training. Lowell has 2 years, 24 million left on his deal. That is about market value; the Red Sox will get some team to take on the contract. With only 2 decent names available via free agency, and with only one via trade, there should be a large amount of teams at least considering taking on Lowell’s contract. If the Dodgers don’t bring back Casey Blake he could go to LA. The Twins and Indians could make sense if they fail to fill other needs. Remember, the Red Sox would mainly just be looking to dump Lowell’s salary, so they won’t need much in return. I can’t say I love the idea of trading Lowell and signing Teixera, but it can’t hurt, can it. For 8-10 extra million, they add a huge bat to the middle of their lineup. If they want to really counter the Yankees possible addition of CC Sabathia, they need to make this move.

What Will the Red Sox do with Their Money?

The Red Sox have about 30 million to spend this offseason. What will they spend it on is the question. Unlike other teams with a large amount of money, the Red Sox don’t have many needs. All they need is a catcher and a reliever. I’m sure they’ll get a reliever through free agency. Catcher is the harder need to fill. I think they might want to trade for a Rangers’ catcher. That player would be cheap, however. So they are still going to have over 25 million to spend on luxories. They could go after a starting pitcher. I could see them go all-in for CC Sabathia. Not only would an aquisition make them the unquestioned best team in the MLB, but they would be keeping him away from the Yankees. If they don’t want to pay that much, they could opt for some of the cheaper top-of-the-rotation type players. Ben Sheets, Derek Lowe, and AJ Burnett could all be under serious consideration. If they want to, they could attempt to trade Mike Lowell, move Kevin Youkilis to third base, and sign Mark Teixera. I don’t really like this idea, as it would be getting rid of one of the club house leaders, moving Youk to a new position which might mess up his hitting, and would be throwing out money. Would Lowell be 7+ million worse than Tex? I don’t think so. I’d just keep the team the same, with the exception of adding a starting pitcher.

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