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Junichi Tazawa Set to Sign With the Red Sox

I know I haven’t covered Japanese baseball at all, but I want to. It’s not that I don’t like the topic, just that I didn’t find anything interesting enough to write about. I plan to now on, though.

Junichi Tazawa is about to sign with the Red Sox. All he has to do is take his physical, and he’ll be in Boston. It is a Major League 3 year deal worth either 3 million or 6 million. We’ve seen some conflicting reports. After the three years, he’s eligible for arbitration. Scouting reports say he has a high 80s to low 90s fastball to go along with a good changup and solid curve ball. It’s not likely he’ll begin the season in the MLB, but could be a September call-up.

I like this signing a lot for the Red Sox. Tazawa has the ability to become a solid back-of-the-rotation starter. Maybe he can be like Carlos Silva was in 2007; not getting many strike-outs, but solid numbers overall. He’s no Diasuke Matsuzaka, but he is a very good signing for only 3-6 million. That’s barely anything.

Now that Tazawa  is aboard, the Sox might be more willing to trade a young starter or two for a catcher. Even if they deal both Justin Masterson and Michael Bowden, they have the depth to sustain such a loss.

I absolutely love this deal for the Red Sox. There’s no downside. 

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