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Could/Should the Brewers offer CC Sabathia 4 Years, 100 Million?

The Brewers could offer CC Sabathia 4 years, 100 million. Would he take it? Would it be a smart move on the Brewers part? Those are the questions we’ll look at today. The good part of the deal for the Brewers would be getting CC on a short term of only 4 years. The bad thing is the 25 million per year you are paying him. If he accepted that deal, and you add in arbitration cases, it could put the Brewers at 105 million to start 2009. I don’t know if that is possible for them. Plus, they wouldn’t have a closer. They might have to either backload Sabathia’s deal or make a trade to clear salary. I wrote here. that the Brewers have made Fielder available, but the reasoning was to get a good starter to replace Sabathia. If he’s returning, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to trade him. They could decline Mike Cameron’s option or trade him, bringing salary down to the 95 range. Tony Gwinn Jr. could take over in center field. Or, if they want to trade Cameron, the Yankees could be interested. They went after him last year in the offseason. The Yanks decided not to sign him because of possible salary concerns if they added Cameron and Johan Santana. I think a Cameron for either Melky Cabrera or Brent Gardner would satisfy both teams. Then Gwinn could share time with Gardner or Melky. That would be serviceable. I don’t know if Sabathia would accept the deal, though. Would he really take only four years? You could make the argument that he would make more money by entering free agency again at age 32, where he could get his 6 or 7 year deal. But, you could also say that he might get injured during this contract and not make anything the next time he reaches free agency. I still think he’d prefer the Yanks at 150 million over 6 years, but you never know.

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