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Red Sox Extend Dustin Pedroia for 6 Years, 40 Million

Ken Rosenthal is reporting that the Red Sox have extended MVP Dustin Pedroia for 6 years, 40 million, and a club option for a seventh year. This is an excellent move by Boston! It’s a great, very team friendly deal.

The signing will buy out 1 year of near minimum, all 3 years of arbitration, and 2 years (3 if the option is picked up) of free agency. All of this for only about 6.5 million dollars per year makes it an absolute steal. Orlando Hudson could possibly double that yearly salary in free agency despite being a far worse player at every category of the game.

When you look at his numbers, there is no question that he is the best second baseman in the MLB and one of the best overall players as well. Pedroia has speed, power, on-base skills, a high batting average, great defense, and most of all, outstanding character.

This signing pretty much proves how smart the Red Sox are and how great of a team player Pedroia is. This is the kind of move you love to see.

Award Predictions: American League

Today I will do the award predictions for the AL, and tommorrow I’ll do the NL.


Dustin Pedroia.  He has been amazing for the Red Sox, is very close to the league lead in batting average, and gets both steals and homers. He is the best all around player that plays a scarce position on a great playoff team. Whats not to like?

Cy Young

Cliff Lee.  This is a pretty easy choice. Lee will lead the league in wins and ERA. He also gets his fair share of strike-outs. I know he isn’t on a contending team, but he is the best pitcher in the AL by a large margin.

Rooky of the Year

Evan Longoria.  This is a very easy choice. He’s the best player on the best team in the AL East. He’d be the choice even if the Rays were terrible. Evan has carried that team, and will win the ROY.

Manager of the Year

Joe Madden.  The Rays have been the biggest surprise of the year. They went from worst to first and aren’t done. This, however, would only be my pick if the Twins miss the playoffs. If they make it, then Ron Gardenhire would be my pick. I know the Rays were a worse team last year and a better this year, but they had more talent than the Twins did, and didn’t drastically downgrade in the offseason.

General Manager of the Year

(I know this isn’t a real award, but I think it should be. It is rated on deals through the year.)

Billy Beane.  Remember at the beginning of this offseason when everyone was talking about how bad the A’s farm system was? Well, now they have arguably the best one. After trading Dan Haren, Rich Harden, Nick Swisher, and Joe Blanton for a ton of great prospects, they are bound for success. This team is going to be contenders in 2010 or 1011, all because of Billy Beane.

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