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Edwin Jackson Traded for Matt Joyce

To open up a spot for stud prospect David Price while filling their right field void, the Rays have traded Edwin Jackson for Matt Joyce. I like this trade for both teams.

Matt JoyceThe Rays did amazing on this. They kill 3 birds with 1 stone by making this deal. Tampa Bay opens up a spot for David Price, fill their right field void, and clear salary for a potential aquisition of a DH through free agency. Milton Bradley and Jason Giambi are some attractive options. Joyce was a surprise last year, but he put up some very nice numbers while showing some impressive power. He is clearly the answer to their right field hole for now and for the future. Plus, Joyce is cheap for 6 years while Jackson was getting more expensive and is only under team control for 3 years. I don’t see how the Rays could’ve done any better on this trade.

Although I like this deal better for the Rays, the Tigers also did very well. They aquire a solid
Edwin Jackson#4 or #5 starting pitcher to add some much needed depth to their rotation. Matt Joyce is a high price to pay, but the offense was clearly not the problem in Detroit. They have some other options to replace him with, anyway. Marcus Thames and maybe a cheap free agent could make a nice platoon. It looks like the Tigers rotation will be looking like this: Justin Verlander – Jeremy Bonderman – Armando Galarraga – Edwin Jackson – Nate Robertson / Dontrelle Willis. That’s not bad if certain players have some bounce-back years. Plus, top prospect Rick Porcello would be ready sometime during the year. I like this trade a lot for the Tigers.

This is a very solid deal for both of these teams, but I give the edge to the Rays on this one.

Could Rays Target Andre Ethier in a Trade?

I was thinking about the potential outfield surplus of the Dodgers if they resign Manny Ramirez, and I came to the conclusion that Andre Eithier should at least be made available. The Rays would be the top bidder; they’d love to get the young, powerful Eithier into their lineup. The Dodgers’s holes are left-side-of-the-infield help along with starting pitching. Their pick of Andy Sonnanstine or Edwin Jackson could be part of a deal, but the Rays need to add another piece. Brignac would be too much. The Dodgers probably wouldn’t want Jason Bartlett since they have their own bad hitting, great defending shortstop in Chin-Lung Hu. I still think they sign Rafeal Furcal or Orlando Cabrera to fill the shortstop hole. It would be hard to fit all of their free agents into the payroll, however. But if you take away the 10+ million needed to sign a starter and replace that with the cheap Andy Sonnanstine, they would be able to afford Manny, Blake, and Furcal. So a 1 for 1 swap seems reasonable, but there has to be more to the deal. How about the Rays add Jeff Niemann? The Dodgers rotation would then be Chad Billingsley-Hiroki Kuroda-Clayton Kershaw-Andy Sonnanstine-James McDonald/Jeff Niemann. Not an awful rotation, and they could even skip Kershaw every once in a while and start Niemann. It may be smarter for them to just keep Eithier and then sign a Randy Johnson type of starter. The above mentioned deal could happen, though.

What will Rays do about Right Field and DH Holes

The Rays don’t have much money to spend this offseason. However, they have holes at designated hitter and in right field. The Rays declined Cliff Floyd’s option. Jonny Gomes and and Gabe Gross are both non-tender condidates. The team may have to look to trades. Either Edwin Jackson or Andy Sonnanstine have to be moved to open up a spot in the rotation for David Price. I did a player market for Jackson here. Rick Ankiel and Ryan Church are still reasonable targets to me. It is more likely that the Rays trade Jackson and keep Sonnanstine. I thing E-Jax has more value because of upside. I really don’t think Sonny will get any better, but Jackson still has a world of potential. Also, definatley watch for the Rick Ankiel trade if the Cards aquire Matt Holliday without giving up Ryan Ludwick. The Rays could attempt to trade for Holliday as well if they are willing to center a deal around co-top pitching prospect Wade Davis. They could go after Matt Murton through a trade with the A’s. He’s not needed in Oakland and should be easily had. The other possibility is cheap free agents. If the Rays promise Rocco Baldelli the starting DH job, they’ll probably get him to stay. I think that’s a very likely scenerio.  Eric Hinske could be resigned as well. Or, they could just use Gross and Gomes in a right field platoon. The Rays have many options to attempt a repeat to the world series.

Player Market: Jake Peavy

I haven’t done a player market in a while. There have been some rumors that the Padres could shop Jake Peavy around this winter. A lot of teams will be interested. Lets break it down.

Padres. (frontrunners)  Even though the Pads will likely shop him around, I don’t think they’ll get the offer they want. I doubt they trade the face-of-the-franchise unless their blown out of the water.

Braves. (possible)  They seem to be very interested, despite the possibility of redestroying their farm system the same way they did during the Mark Teixera trade. Also, since they have so much money to spend it might be smarter to sign a guy like Derek Lowe instead of trading the farm for Peavy. They could offer any group from this package: Tommy Hanson, Jason Heyward, Jordon Schafer, Brent Lillibridge, Brandon Jones, and others. Yunel Escobar and Khalil Greene could be part of a deal, too. So you can see they have the stuff. Peavy wants to go there on top of it. This one could work out.

Rays (possible)  There is no frontrunner to aquire Peavy because he’ll probably stay. The Rays do make some sense, however. How about a package of Matt Gaza, Wade Davis, Reid Brignac, Desmond Jennings and Edwin Jackson. The Padres add two established starters, a high upside one, and get their future replacements for Brian Giles and Khalil Greene. The Padres would be at least tempted to take this offer. I don’t know if the Rays would offer it, however. With the Yankees possibly getting CC Sabathia, and the Red Sox possibly getting Ben Sheets, the Rays could jump in and add an ace for a second playoff push. And with those three aces, watch out if they do get in. Plus, Peavy wouldn’t just be a rent-a-player, since he’s signed for four more years with a club option for a fifth. Very cheap, too. It is possible that both teams say no, but both could also say yes.

Dodgers (not likely)  I know they are in the same division as the Padres, so they’d have to pay a higher price than other teams. It would be risky for the Dodgers, but there could be a huge benefit. The Dodgers would have the pieces by offering someone out of the Matt Kemp, Clayton Kersaw, James McDonald, Chin-Lung Hu range. Who knows, it might take all of them. They have a chance.

Cardinals (not likely)  They have been named as a possibility because they have Colby Rasmus to offer. They’d have to give up their best prospect, other prospects, and all of their money to get Peavy. With all of the other holes the Cards have, I don’t know if they would want to do that.

Red Sox (not likely)  I don’t know if they have the pieces, but they’ll have to at least check in. It might be smarter for them to sign CC Sabathia or Ben Sheets, anyway. Why give out top prospects when you could just sign a starter for big money. It doesn’t make a lot of sense for them.

Yankees (not likely)  They’ll at least try aquiring Jake, but I don’t know if they have the pieces to get it done. Even if they do, wouldn’t it just be smarter to overpay and sign Sabathia than to sell the farm for Peavy. I could only see this if they miss out on CC. I would be surprised to see him go there, even with Sabathia not in the Bronx.

Rangers (not likely)  They would love to have him, and also have the pieces to aquire him. The only problem is Peavy’s no-trade-clause. Why would he waive it to go from Petcoe Park to Arlington. He has set himself up for another big contract after this one ends. He could lose millions by playing at Arlington over Petcoe. If one of the teams would pay him 20 million, he might waive it. But then the contract turns from what is an affordable 60 million to 80 million for 4 years. That isn’t much of a bargain anymore. So if Peavy didn’t have a NTC, then he could be a Ranger, but the problem is that he does.

Player Market: Edwin Jackson

It is possible the Rays trade Edwin Jackson this offseason to open up a spot for David Price in the rotation. They’ll be aiming for a right fielder. Lets look at some teams that match up in a trade.

Rays (frontrunner)  They could just keep Jackson as the fourth starter and trade Andy Sonnanstine instead. That is the more likely scenerio, but don’t be surprised to see them pull the triger on the right deal.

Cardinals (frontrunners)  How about Rick Ankiel for E-Jax. Ankiel will be a free agent after next season and the Cardinals could trade an outfielder to open up a spot for top prospect Colby Rasmus. If they could nab Jackson, they might be pursuaded to trade Ankiel. I like this possible trade a lot for both teams.

Mets (possible)  They could offer Ryan Church. I know they need outfield help, but if they sign a free agent left fielder and are fine with letting Daniel Murphy play every day in right field, then they could make this trade. Church seems like the type of player the Rays would like to aquire. He’s underrated and has a good combination of batting average, speed, and power. This deal could work for both sides under the right sircumstances.

Braves (possible)  I have stated before that Jeff Francoeur for Edwin Jackson would make sense, and I still think the same as I did then. Although, I like it a little bit better for the Braves know.

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Could the Braves Trade Jeff Francoeur?

It is possible the Braves decide to sell low on Jeff Francoeur for some starting pitching this offseason. A possible fit could be in Tampa Bay. The Rays might be a team interested in taking a shot on Frankie if they miss out on other free agent and trade options. Edwin Jackson and Andy Sonnanstine could be available since David Price will move into the rotation next year. I don’t think Andy Sonnanstine would be enough for the Braves, but Edwin Jackson might make sense. Both players have been dissapionting, but both players still have hugh upside. This one might end up looking like the Edinson Volquez for Josh Hamilton swap. This is a possible trade that could make sense for both teams.

Trade Market

I am going to make a trade market post, where I put down all the meaningful players on the trade block. I will put this in order of how good the players are the same way I did it in the Free Agent Market series. There will be a link on the players I have done in my player market series. Any player already traded will be underlined. This will be a sidebar link.



  • Bengie Molina
  • Jarrod Saltalamacchia
  • Gerald Laird
  • Kelly Shoppach (If the Indians keep Victor Martinez at catcher)
  • Ramon Hernandez

First Base

Second Base

  • Dan Uggla
  • Brian Roberts
  • Kelly Johnson (Only if Braves rebuild)


  • JJ Hardy
  • Jack Wilson

Third Baseman

Left Field

  • Matt Holliday
  • Rick Ankiel
  • Randy Winn
  • Josh Willingham
  • Juan Pierre

Center Field

  • David DeJesus
  • Rick Ankiel
  • Randy Winn
  • Juan Pierre

Right Field

  • Brian Giles (Only if the club option gets picked up)
  • Rick Ankiel
  • Randy Winn

Designated Hitter

Aubrey Huff

Starting Pitching

  • Roy Halladay (Only in the Blue Jays decide to rebuild)
  • Jake Peavy (Only if blown away)
  • Zack Greinke (Only if blown away)
  • Matt Cain (Only if blown away)
  • Nick Blackburn (Only for a good, young hitter)
  • Edwin Jackson (Only him or Sonnanstine)
  • Jonathan Sanchez (Only for a good, young, hitter)
  • Andy Sonnanstine (Only him or Jackson)
  • Scott Olsen

Relief Pitching

  • Huston Street
  • George Sherrill
  • Ron Mahay
  • Kevin Gregg
  • BJ Ryan


You can see there are not many so far. I will update this as I think of more.

Offseason Plan: Tampa Bay Rays

The Tampa Bay Rays, the biggest surprise of the 2008 season, will hopefully build on their successfull 2008 season with a good offseason. In my top 50 free agents, I predicted they would dole out the cash and sign Adam Dunn. If they do, their offseason would be just about done. The only needs they have are DH and right field. They sign Dunn for DH, and could resign Eric Hinske or pick up Cliff Floyd’s option for ’09. Then trade for Matt Murton. They have always liked Murton, and tried to trade for him when he was with the Cubs. Murton seems to be avalable with the A’s because they have Travis Buck, Carlos Gonzalez, Ryan Sweeny and eventually Aaron Cunningham for the outfield. Murton shouldn’t be too hard to pry loose from Billy Beane, a GM always open to making a deal. Maybe offer them a Jason Hammel and Mitch Talbot. Neither guy has anywhere to go in the Rays organazation. Platoon Hinske with Murton and you have a successfull right field. If the Rays can’t get Dunn, they could still go after other DHs like Milton Bradley, Pat Burrell, Raul Ibanez, and Jason Giambi. They can keep the same right field. They could even sign Bobby Abreu and have him play right field and DH switching off with the platoon of Murton and Hinske. They will have to move a starter in the offseason. Either Andy Sonnanstine or Edwin Jackson need to be traded to open up a spot for stud prospect David Price. Maybe instead of using the platoon of Murton and Hinske they can trade Sonnanstine or Jackson for a right fielder. The Tampa Bay Rays have options, and are only one Adam Dunn type player awaty from contending for a world series.