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Could Rays Target Andre Ethier in a Trade?

I was thinking about the potential outfield surplus of the Dodgers if they resign Manny Ramirez, and I came to the conclusion that Andre Eithier should at least be made available. The Rays would be the top bidder; they’d love to get the young, powerful Eithier into their lineup. The Dodgers’s holes are left-side-of-the-infield help along with starting pitching. Their pick of Andy Sonnanstine or Edwin Jackson could be part of a deal, but the Rays need to add another piece. Brignac would be too much. The Dodgers probably wouldn’t want Jason Bartlett since they have their own bad hitting, great defending shortstop in Chin-Lung Hu. I still think they sign Rafeal Furcal or Orlando Cabrera to fill the shortstop hole. It would be hard to fit all of their free agents into the payroll, however. But if you take away the 10+ million needed to sign a starter and replace that with the cheap Andy Sonnanstine, they would be able to afford Manny, Blake, and Furcal. So a 1 for 1 swap seems reasonable, but there has to be more to the deal. How about the Rays add Jeff Niemann? The Dodgers rotation would then be Chad Billingsley-Hiroki Kuroda-Clayton Kershaw-Andy Sonnanstine-James McDonald/Jeff Niemann. Not an awful rotation, and they could even skip Kershaw every once in a while and start Niemann. It may be smarter for them to just keep Eithier and then sign a Randy Johnson type of starter. The above mentioned deal could happen, though.

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