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Top 10 teams: August

This is part of my predictions. I will predict the standings and name the top 10 teams in the MLB. This is under the Predictions side bar link.


1. Angels.  They are the best team in the MLB. I have stated that before and will do it again. They have the best rotation, and a speedy lineup with some thump in the middle thanks to the Mark Teixera trade. A great defense and a good bullpen as well makes this the team to beat.

2. Cubs.  They are easily second on this list. Look at the top four in their rotation. They have 2 aces and a solid number 2. Ted Lilly is a good pitcher as well. They lead the NL in runs, and are second in the MLB. Jeff Samardzija makes that bullpen lights out. For the first time in a long time, the Cubs are favorites to go to the World Series.

3. Red Sox.  This team, even without Manny, is very good. I know I have said the Rays will win the division, but I still think the Red Sox are a better team. They have a better lineup, and are almost the same pitching wise with Tampa Bay.

4. Brewers.  This team is set. They have a very good lineup, and A fantastic pitching rotation. CC Sabathia has been huge for them. they have a bad bullpen, but I think their offense and slightly better pitching makes them better than the Rays for this spot.

5. Rays.  They land here. They have a very good rotation, among the best in the MLB, and a very good bullpen that just got deeper with the Chad Bradford trade. The offense is the only thing holding them back right now. If they fix this in the offseason, watch out.

6. White Sox.  They have the best pitching and hitting combination left on the board.

7. Twins.  Since I like having great pitching over great hitting, the Twins egt the nod over the Phillies here. Isn’t it kind of sad for national league fans that 5 of the top 7 teams are from the american league.

8. Phillies.  The Phillies come next on the list, because they are the best in their division, better than the bad NL West teams, and the Cardinals are not as good as their record.

9. Marlins.  They make it here becasue their pitching has been better with all of the pitchers returning form injury.

10. Dodgers.  They sneak past the Cardinals into the final spot becasue of their improved hitting and great ptiching.