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Offseason Plan: Washington Nationals

Today, we do the worst team in the MLB: the Washington Nationals. The Nats need to continue rebuilding. First off, they need to fire Jim Bowden. This is one of the worst GMs in the MLB. The Nats have a lot of money to spend, they were amoung the top contenders for Aaron Rowand and Torri Hunter. Cot’s Baseball Contracts says the Nationals payroll was 54 million in 2008. If they want to move that up, then spend heavily on the draft. They had a great draft in 2007, and all the picks besides Aaron Crow got paid a lot in 2009. Why didn’t they pay Crow, though. I wrote a pretty big entry on it here and still don’t understand it. After they get rid of Bowden, hire a decent GM that doesn’t make steals of trades, but usually doesn’t screw up. The Nats then have to take Stephen Strasburg with the #1 pick if they get it. He is an amazing talent and some have said the best prospect since Mark Prior. He is a Scott Boras client, so he’ll want a lot, but the Nats have to pay him. Also, take the best player avalable at #10 next year. They don’t have any trade chips, and shouldn’t sign any big-name free agents. The Nationals can have a quiet offseason, but they need to have a very loud April.

Offseason Plan: Minnesota Twins

The Minnesota Twins, a very surprising team this year, are going to have a far different offseason this year compared to last. Last year, they traded off Johan Santana and let Torri Hunter walk as a free agent. This year, they’re more likely to buy. They don’t have many needs, and are one of the very few teams with a starting pitching surplus. They need to add a power hitter at shortstop or third base, as well as a reliever. Getting Pat Neshek back will help. They could also resign Eddie Guardado. That would solidify their bullpen. For shortstop and third base, they seem certain to trade a starter for this in the offseason. Preferably a one with power. I have suggested before that they trade Nick Blackburn for JJ Hardy. I still think that makes a lot of sense. Another possible trade is Blackburn, or maybe if they’re luckey Kevin Slowey, for Garret Atkins. The Rockies seem certain to trade Atkins or Holliday, and they want pitching in return. Blackburn or Slowey would fit the bill. After they move a pitcher, they can move Kevin Mulvey into the rotation. They could also get a smaller piece like trade for Hank Blalock or sign a guy like David Eckstein. This team has the potential to be a great team, they just have to get some offense.