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Player Market: Zack Greinke

It is possible the Royals decide to shop Zack Greinke. If he is available, there will be lots of suitors. Lets take a look at some.

Royals (frontrunners)  Unless there is a knock-out offer, he’ll stay. The Royals think they can contend within the next two years, and know they’ll need Greinke. They’d also have to exhaust all contract negotiations. I think Zack will be in Royal blue next season.

Rangers (possible)  I don’t think there is any frontrunner to aquire this guy; he’s too good. If he is available, look for the Rangers to be very interested. They have a huge catcher surplus and the need at starting pitching. They could offer Jarrod Saltalamacchia and a pitching prospect like Michael Main. Engel Beltre could also be included in the deal if need be. These two teams match up very well if Greinke becomes available.

Braves (possible)  If the Braves strike-out on some of the top free agent starters, don’t be surprised to see them go hard after Greinke. It’s possible the Royals would have interest in Jeff Francoeur because of Dayton Moore. He’d be a throw-in, however. You’d think a package would have to be headed by Jordon Schafer. The Royals would definatly like to add a center fielder and then move David DeJesus to a corner. In fact, DeJesus could be part of the deal if the Royals could get a great prospect like Jason Heyward or Tommy Hanson in return. This is definatlty a deal that could happen if both sides are willing to trade. 

Cardinals (unlikely)  Because the Cards have such a great catching prospect, I had to name them. They could package a deal around Bryan Anderson. The only problem is other parts. Maybe they add Jamie Garcia, but he’s going to have Tommy John surgery. I don’t think the Royals would want Chris Perez since they have so many good relievers. I don’t know if the Cardinals would give him up, anyway. I guess they could attemp a quantity over quality deal, but it’s not likely the Royals accept. If the Cards had more prospects than just Anderson and the untouchable Colby Rasmus, a deal could get done. Too bad they don’t.

Dodgers (unlikely)  They have a couple of guys that could appeal Kansas City, but I don’t think the Royals would trade Zack Greinke for Chin-Lung Hu and James McDonald. They’d get a shorstop and a pitcher, but these are not the type of guys you trade Greinke for. I don’t find this trade very likely.

Rockies (dark horse)  How about this for a blockbuster. Zack Greinke traded straight up for Matt Holliday. The Rox want to add a top-of-the-rotation starter, and Greinke fits the bill. The Royals have been stated before as a possible dark horse suitor for Holliday. I know it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but it’s something you can think about for fun this afternoon.

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Player Market: Rafael Furcal

There’s bound to be a lot of teams looking in to signing Rafael Furcal this winter. With several teams interested in shortstops and lead-off men, Furcal should have a huge market. Lets look at some interested parties.

Dodgers (frontrunners)  They want and need Furcal to return. Look at their record at the begining of the year with Furcal compared to without. He is their spark-plug, and I think he will be their number 1 offseason priority. Rafeal was stated that he would like to stay, as well.

Royals (frontrunners)  The Royals would love to add a Rafael Furcal type of player. They could move Matt Aviles to second base, something they want to do. Furcal would probably only require a 3 year deal, so Mike Moustakes will be coming up just when Rafael’s deal is ending. They add a speedy lead-off man to pair with David DeJesus at the top of that lineup. This team makes a lot of sense and the Royals will most likely be big players for Furcal.

Blue Jays (frontrunners)  The Blue Jays make a lot of sense for Furcal as well. They have been without a leadoff man for a long time, and their two shortstops, Marco Scutaro and John McDonald aren’t great options. They could be possible trade chips, however. This team is a great fit for Rafeal Furcal.

A’s (possible)  It is possible the Oakland A’s decide to go after a free agent or two for possible contention in 2010. They badly need a leadoff man, and even though they don’t need a shortstop they could still sign Furcal and then trade current shortstop Bobby Crosby. They haven’t had a good lead-off man in forever, and they now have the chance to get one if they shell out big bucks.

Cardinals (possible)  It seems as though the Cardinals are going to be spending a lot this offseason. They need pitching and middle infield help. The Cards have no speed in their lineup, and Furcal would add a ton. The Cardinals might want to devote their money towards starting pitching, however. 

Reds (possible)  The Reds need a shortstop and a lead-off man. So they are a natural fit for Furcal. They have many holes, however, and may decide to spread out their money like the Cardinals could possibly do. This might be smarter than using almost half of it in one place.

Twins (slim chance)  The Twins are sure to be interested, but don’t have that much money to spend. It may be smarter for them to target a shortstop via trade instead of free agency. Everyone wants pitching, and the Twins are one of the few teams with a surplus.

Braves (Dark Horse)  Wouldn’t it be crazy if Furcal signed back with his former team, the Braves. Yes, they have Yunel Escobar, but they could move him to second base. Yes, they have Kelly Johnson there, but he could be a trade candidate. The Braves haven’t had a good leadoff man since Rafeal was there, so why not just bring him back. They could then trade Johnson for a starting pitcher or a left fielder. This could work.

Offseason Plan: Milwaukee Brewers

The Milwaukee Brewers are probably not going to be as good in 2009 as they were in 2008. Their top two starters: CC Sabathia and Ben Sheets are both free agents. They have a few holes. They need one arm in the rotation, and one or two in the bullpen, as well as a center fielder. They have a good trade chip in JJ Hardy and could possibly entertain trading Prince Fielder. They need to open up spots for top prospects Alcidies Escobar and Mat Gamel. Hardy is more likely to be dealt because his bat would be easier to replace than Fielder’s. Plus, a lot of other good first baseman could be on the market with Mike Jacobs and Ryan Howard in trades and Mark Teixera and Jason Giambi on the free agent market. There should be a huge market for Hardy, with only two above average shortstops avalable via free agency. I have previously said that JJ Hardy for Nick Blackburn would make sense, and I still believe that. Another possibility is Hardy to the Oriols for George Sherrill and Daniel Cabrera. Or to the Blue Jays for maybe Shaun Marcum or Dustin McGowen. The Brewers could always add a piece to make it work. To the Royals for David DeJesus or Ran Mahay and a piece. To the A’s for one of their several pitching prospects. Or maybe for Huston Street instead. To the Giants for Jonathan Sanchez. Or the Dodgers for Scott Elbert or Justin McGownen and a bullpen piece. There are many options. They should pick up the option on Mike Cameron. 10 million is a lot for him, but they have a lot of money to burn and could afford him. I think they’ll spend a lot of money on their bullpen as well. Although, they did that last year and it didn’t work. They could look into resigning Sheets, but Sabathia has no chance of coming back. If they resign Sheets they could be just as good as they were last year, with Yovani Gallardo coming back from injury. The Brewers can still be a very good team in ’09, probably just not as good as they were in ’08.

Offseason Plan: Kansas City Royals

The Kansas City Royals need to rebuild. They are trying to win by next year. After next year two of their key players, Zack Grienke and Jose Guillen, are free agents. The following year, David DeJesus, Gil Meche, and others reach free agency. I don’t think they should be very active in free agency. Some have said they are going to be looking for a shortstop, but they have Matt Aviles. If they want to move him to second base, they have Alberto Callapso for shortstop. They do need a first baseman, and could use a starter and a reliever. I think they should be selling off pieces. Ron Mahay should defiantley be traded. He could fetch a good pitching propsect for him. Maybe trade him to the Phillies for Kyle Kendrick or AJ Happ and Jason Donald. DeJesus, Guillen, Grienke, and Meche could be moved if they right deal comes along. They need to build aroung the time when they will have Alex Gordon, Billy Butler, Eric Hosmer, Mike Moustakes, and Matt Aviles or Alberto Callapso. Their offense will be raking about that time. Try to extened Zack Grienke, he’s the one player they shouldn’t trade unless they have to. So the Royals could spend in free agency and try to compete by next year, or they could start over again and wait to build aroung guys like Gordon, Butler, Hosmer, and Moustakes. They have to chose.

DeJesus for Pie, Cedeno makes sense

In the offseason, a trade of David DeJuses for Felix Pie and Ronny Cedeno would make a lot of sense. The Cubs have shown interest in him in the past. Last year, when their right field situation was bad they checked in. Now, they have a right fielder, but need a center fielder. It is a scarce free agent market as is shown here. DeJesus is also a leadoff man, so the Cubs could move Alfonso Soriano down in the order. So, I’m sure the Cubs would love DeJesus. The Royals would get Felix Pie, a high upside outfielder who has a lot of potential but hasn’t done good in the MLB. A switch to a low pressure city like Kansas City might be good for him. Also, they would let him take his lumps at the big league level. Ronny Cedeno would be a solid stopgap for Mike Moustakes. If anything, the Cubs could throw in another prospect to seel the deal. This trade makes sense.