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Player Market: Prince Fielder

It is possible that the Brewers look to trade Prince Fielder in the offseason. Lets see what team they can get a good pitcher from.

Brewers (frontrunners)  I think it’s more likely that they decide to trade JJ Hardy instead. There will be a bigger market for Hardy, they wouldn’t be losing as much offense, and the Brewers could get almost as good a pitcher for Hardy as they could get for Fielder. All in all, Fielder will likely be kept.

Giants (possible)  Could a Matt Cain for Prince Fielder trade work? I don’t know if either team would do it. I think it has a slight edge toward the Brewers because Cain is so cheap and far better than any starter they could get for Hardy. The Giants could make that trade, but might not unless they add Sabathia. It might make more sense for them to keep Cain and then trade a different pitcher for a first baseman like Adam LaRoche or Mike Jacobs.

Royals (possible)  They could offer Zack Greinke for Fielder. I don’t know if the Brewers would accept this one, because Greinke has one less year under contract than Cain. Maybe the Royals could add a player like Ron Mahay or David DeJesus to finish the deal. I think this scenerio is more likely. The Royals would like to add a big bat to their lineup, and could sign a starter like Oliver Perez or Jon Garland to replace Greinke.

Rays (possible)  The Rays need a DH, and want to inject a big power bat into their lineup, but the player has to be under control for more than one year. So Prince Fielder would make more sense than Matt Holliday. The Rays could put together a package of prospects as good as if not better than most teams. If the Brewers demand a proven starter, they could part with Matt Garza. Yes, he has been great for them this year, but then they could keep both Edwin Jackson and Andy Sonnanstine. Plus, if Price steps up they won’t lose much from the rotation. I think this would be a move the Rays have to do. The Brewers would make the trade also, unless Jeremy Guthrie, Matt Cain, or maybe Zack Greinke is offered. If they can get him without surrendering Garza, they could offer Wade Davis, Edwin Jackson, and either Grant Balfour or JP Howell. The Brewers get a solid closer, a good prospect, and a solid back-of-the-rotation starter. Either one of these deals would be good for the Rays in my opinion.

Orioles (not likely)  It’s not likely, but the Oriols could enter the Prince Fielder sweepstakes. They could offer a package centered around Jeremy Guthrie. He by himself could get him. I don’t know if they should offer him, though. The Brewers would jump on the deal. If the O’s don’t give up Guthrie, then they could try an offer of Brian Roberts, George Sherrill, and Melvin Mora plus cash. The Brewers would be filling three holes, yet they lose offensive firepower and don’t fix the rotation.

Angels (not likely)  If they miss out on Mark Teixera, I could definatly see it. They could center a deal around Nick Adenhart, or even Jered Weaver. If they add Brandon Wood to the trade, it might be enough. I think I would do a Jered Weaver plus Brandon Wood for Prince awap. It makes sense for both sides. Sean Rodriguez could also be added to finish off the trade. Chone Figgins could be part of the deal, too, and play center field in Milwaukee.

Yankees (not likely)  They would love to add a young power bat like Prince, but they might not have the pieces to do it. Maybe if they offered Phil Hughes and Austin Jackson something could be  worked out. Like with Jake Peavy, it would be smarter just to spend the extra money and sign Mark Teixera. When you have a 200 million payroll, you can’t be cheap.

A’s (dark horse)  The A’s have all the pitching in the world to spare. They are in need of a first base/DH type, and most of all they need power. How about a package of Huston Street, Brett Anderson or Gio Gonzalez, and Justin Duchscherer. The Brewers add a good starter, a good pitching prospect, and a good closer. I like this deal a lot for both teams, but I’m not sure the A’s would want to trade away a young gun like Anderson or Gio. Plus, they would miss Doosh, especially if they are trying to compete next year which a Fielder trade would suggest. 

Could the Royals Move Joakim Soria to the Rotation or Another Team?

This has been a widely talked about topic between Royals fans. Should the Royals move Joakim Soria to the rotation or keep him in the bullpen? Or, maybe even trade him. I think they should move him into the rotation for many reasons. He could be more effective in the rotation because he can throw 210 innings instead of 70. Thats three times as much. He throws a low 90’s fastball, and after stretching his arm out, he’ll probably fall down to the high 80’s range. But, he has four pitches. Since he doesn’t have overpowering stuff, he won’t be an ace, but at least a solid #3 with #2 potential. I’d take 210 innings of 4:00 ERA ball rather than 70 innings of 2:30 ERA ball. Another reason is that Dayton Moore has shown that he can find bullpen help. They had a good bullpen this year because of all of Moore’s finds. Joakim Soria was even found through the rule 5 draft. If Dayton finds one or two good cheap relievers, then the bullpen won’t lose that much. Some people think that Joakim might do what Jonathan Paplebon did. Fail at the rotation and move back to the bullpen. But, he could do what Ryan Dempster did. Get even better in the rotation. If he got even better he would be a Cy Young contender. I think there’s no risk involved. If they truly don’t think Soria could become a good starter, they could trade him. Maybe to the Angels for Jered Weaver. The Angels get a lights-out closer to replace Francisco Rodriguez, and open up a rotation spot to go after Jon Garland or CC Sabathia. The Royals get their number three starter. I’d rather keep Soria, though. Think of how good a rotation of Zack Greinke, Gil Meche, Joakim Soria, Kyle Davies, and Brian Banister/Luke Hochevar would be. That rotation could contend. Also, they fix the rotation without spending any money, so then they could go out and sign a shortstop or a power bat to solidify the lineup. Lastly, they need to extend Greinke. If they want to contend, they’ll need him under contract. This team could be a sleeper if they make the right moves.

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Player Market: CC Sabathia

I am starting a new series here called “Player Market.” It will be a sidebar link. I will put down players available via trade and free agency and name teams that could be interested. I will lable some as “frontrunners,” which means I think those will be the team(s) most likely to get the player. Then there will be “possible,” which means it is possible they will get the player, but they aren’t likely to be amoung the top contenders. Then there’s “slim chance,” this means the team will go after the player but don’t have a great chance at getting him. I will also call one team a “dark hourse.”  Today, I will start off with CC Sabathia.

CC Sabathia is likely to be the most coveted player on the free agent market. Here are the teams interested and the chances of them getting him.

Yankees (frontrunner)  The Yankees are going to be in heavy pursuit of CC. They have a lot of money coming off the books in contracts and have are huge starting pitching void. It looks like they are going to offer him whatever he wants. This team has a good chance at landing Sabathia.

Dodgers (frontrunner)  I would not be surprised at all to see him go to the Dodgers. They also have a need at pitching because of Derek Lowe, Greg Maddux, and possibly Brad Penny becoming free agents. They will be looking for two in the offseason, and would love to add CC. He comes from LA as well, and may take a small discount to sign with the Dodgers over the Yankees.

Red Sox (possible)  The Red Sox are a possible destination because they have a lot of money coming off the books, they think they are a starter away from being world champions once again, and the Yankees are going to go after him hard. The latter might be the most the strongest reason. If the Red Sox add CC they are hands down the best team in the MLB, and have the division locked up. I don’t think the Red Sox will get him, but look for them to go hard after him if for nothing else to drive up the price for the Yankees. 

Mets (possible)  The Mets also are possible. I doubt they would want to give out another 130 million+ to a pitcher, but they are the Mets. And their primary need is starting pitching. I expect them to poke their head in, but once they see his asking price they will pursue a cheaper free agent like AJ Burnett.

Rangers (slim chance)  The Texas Rangers are going to look to add pitching in the offseason. They think they are a CC Sabathia type player away from contention. It has been said before they were a team that could go after him agressivley. I don’t think it’s very likely, though, because they probably won’t be able to pay as much as the Yankees can. 

Astros (slim chance)  The Houston Astros aren’t very likely at all, but I threw them in because they have a lot of money to spend and you never no what Drayton McLane will order Ed Wade to do. If they ae serious about contending, I could see them throwing money at CC. Even if they do, they probably won’t offer as much as the Yankees.

Angels (dark horse)  The Angels are my dark horse because if they lose out on Mark Teixera, they might be able to afford Sabathia. They don’t have a need with 4 healthy starters and one returning from injury. They could look to trade Jered Weaver for a bat, however, and then sign Sabathia to take his place and give them an even deadlier rotation. I don’t think this scenerio is likely, but it is possible.