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Many Good Player Non-Tendered

Many very good players were recently non-tendered. That means that their former team decided against offering a contract to a player that is arbitration eligible. These non-tendered players will now become free agents. MLB.com has the entire list of non-tendered players. There will be a few more useful players entering the free agent market.Takashi Saito

  • Takashi Saito.  He is by far the most interesting name cut loose. After dominating the entire league the last 3 seasons, he had a platelet-rich plasma injected into his elbow last year. He’s a big question mark, but I still think the Dodgers should have tendered him a  contract. I mean, the guy has a career ERA under 2.00. That’s about as dominant as it gets. He might be able to get a closer’s job somewhere, but it’s possible that he Ty Wiggingtondoesn’t because of the great market for closers. This guy is a huge upside play, and I think that all 30 teams should consider him. 
  • Ty Wiggington.  I’m very surprised that the Astros decided to cut him loose. He was a very solid third baseman for their team, and also has the versatility to play second base, first base, or the outfield corners. If the ‘Stros knew that they wouldn’t be able to afford him, then why didn’t they just trade him? There had to be a solid market for Ty; he’s probably a better player than Casey Blake while coming on a 1 year Joe Nelsondeal. I just can’t believe that no team was willing to take him on. Now that he’s reached free agency, there is probably going to be a large market for him. The Twins look like the perfect fit if you ask me. I’m predicting that Wiggington gets 2 years, 14 million from Minnesota.
  • Joe Nelson.  He had an ERA of 2.00, yet still got non-tendered. Money must be really tight in Florida. What I don’t understand is why they didn’t trade him. He is a useful reliever with a high strike-out rate. I can’t believe Daniel Cabrerathat no team was willing to take him on. Nelson should be able to nab a 2 year deal somewhere. He joins an already impressive corps of free agent relievers.
  • Daniel Cabrera.  I agree with Andy MacPhail on this one. They already know what Cabrera is, and he’s not worth the 4 million he would have received in arbitration. I guess that there were no teams interested in trading for him, but it might have just been because everyone knew he would be cut Tim Reddingloose. He still has a lot of upside, and would make some sense for teams like the Nationals or Pirates.
  • Tim Redding.  I thought he would have brought something good back in a trade. He looks like a solid #4 or #5 starter, and I don’t understand how he is much worse than any of their other starting pitching options. Look for the Rockies to be a major player for him; they almost traded Willy Taveras for him before the two were non-tendered.Willy Taveres
  • Willy Taveres.  I guess that it’s smart to non-tender Taveras. He’s not a starter on their team, so it makes no sense to pay him around 3 million to be a fourth outfielder. I thought he would be traded, but I guess there were no interested parties. He could be an interesting option for teams looking for speed like the White Sox or Reds. By the way, I hate the Nationals as a suitor nowJoey Gathright that they’ve aquired Josh Willingham.
  • Joey Gathright.  He is pretty much just like Taveras; lots of speed, low average, low OBP. Like Taveras, teams like the White Sox and Reds could make inquiries.
  • Jonny Gomes.  I agree with the decision to non-tender him; the Rays had better options. He still has a lot of pop,Jonny Gomes and destroys lefties. This guy could make a lot of sense for a non-contending team looking for some power. The Pirates come to mind, as he would make a solid fourth outfielder for their team.
  • Chris Capuano.  He was a very good pitcher in 2005 and 2006. 2007 might have been a fluke, but he was flat-out bad during that season. He missed all of last year, but could beChris Capuano resigned by the Brewers. The two sides seem to have mutual interest. Capuano still has a lot of upside.

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