Mets Sign Francisco Rodriguez for 3 Years, 36 Million

Francisco RodriguezThe Mets have stolen Francisco Rodriguez off the free agent market for only 3 years, 36 million. This has got to be the most team-friendly free agent deal of the winter. It would be pretty hard for some player to get this underpaid. Francisco Cordero signed for 4 years, 46 million with the Reds just last years after one good year with the Brewers. K-Rod puts up 6 straight good years and gets less years and less money. The one possible compensation for K-Rod is that he has a 14 million dollar vesting option for a fourth year. 4 years, 50 million is looking a lot better than 3 years, 36 million. If I was Rodriguez, I would have seriously considered accepting the Angels offer of arbitration so that I could enter free agency in a bad market for closers instead of a great one. I doubt he knew he would be unable to even land a 4th year, though. This is a great signing for the Mets.

Now that he is in the books, the Mets have about 13 million left to spend. They would like to add a starter, and reliever, and possibly an outfielder. I would skip the outfielder part because Fernando Tatis and Daniel Murphy won’t kill them in left to start the season. Fernando Martinez will be ready soon enough,Mets though I don’t recommend rushing him. Juan Cruz should be under serious consideration. With so many closers on the market coming at cheap prices, it looks like Cruz will have to sign as a setup man. The Mets seem to make the most sense. I like the idea of trading for Jason Marquis to fill the rotational hole. Have the Cubs eat 2 million so that Marquis would come on a 1 year, 7 million dollar deal. It seems like a better idea than paying big bucks to resign Oliver Perez. I hate the Jon Garland idea if Marquis is available for the above mentioned price. Unless Garland is willing to take 1 year, 7 million or less, it will be smarter to go with Marquis. Plus, Jason could thrive in his hometown. So, it makes sense to cheaply fill the starting pitcher hole while aquiring a solid setup man. Remember, the bullpen was still bad when Billy Wagner was healthy.

It looks like with the right moves, the Mets are going to be very competitive next year. They just need to work on finishing out seasons. (they failed to do this the previous 2 years)


  1. juliasrants

    I think this is a great move for the Mets and for less money then they probably thought they would spend. I suspect their fans are pretty happy and hopefully the Mets will not melt down next Septmeber – or else they might have trouble filling that new stadium.


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