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Marlins Won’t make Payroll Motivated Trades!

According to MLB Trade Rumors, the Marlins won’t be making payroll motivated trades this offseason! I find this as great news because it is so sad when a team with as much good, young talent as they do must constantly rebuild. A few players could still be shopped, but it would be to open up a spot for a young prospect. If they get a few break-out years, and things don’t go well for the Mets, Phillies, and Braves, the Marlins might just find themselves in the playoffs next year. You never know. Crazy things have happend before.

Player Market: Dan Uggla

It seems like the Marlins will make slugging second/third baseman Dan Uggla available this offseason. There will probably be tons of suitors. Lets check them out.

Cardinals (frontrunners)  Bryan Anderson for Dan Uggla. This trade just makes too much sense for both teams. The Marlins get a catcher significantly better than Matt Treanor and open up a position for the fast, good defensive Chris Coghlan. The Cardinals get the bat they want to protect Albert Pujols, and Bryan Anderson has no role on their team because of Yadier Molina. I’d be surprised if either team got a better offer for their player.

Indians (frontrunners)  They also have a catcher they could trade. They would be reluctant to do it, but Kelly Shoppach could get a deal done for both sides. I explained how it made sense for the Marlins above, and it makes sense for the Tribe, too. They’d have to be 100% sure Victor Martinez is healthy or else they shouldn’t do the deal. Dan Uggla can play either second base or third base, so it gives them even more flexibility as to who they will sign. This trade also makes sense.

Marlins (frontrunners)  Unless they can get a good, young catcher in return, it might make more sense to trade Jorge Cantu or Mike Jacobs instead. Both players could bring back a hard throwing pitching prospect: the kind of player the Fish are looking for. Plus, it improves the defense by moving Jorge Cantu to first base or another team. If they want to build around pitching, defense, and speed it makes sense to move someone other than Uggla.  

Twins (possible)  If the Marlins are willing to take young pitching for Uggla, then the Twins are a good fit. They could offer one of their young guns and play Uggla at third base. I don’t know if the Marlins would do this trade, though. 

Giants (possible)  It is pretty much the same thing here as with the Twins. If the Fish will take pitchers, the Giants could trade Jonathan Sanchez for him. If the Marlins don’t accept starters, then Uggla won’t be in a Giant uniform next year.

A’s (possible)  It’s possible the Marlins would rather have hard throwing prospects instead of proven young pitchers. If that is the case, don’t be surprised to see Uggla heading down to the bay area. The A’s could play him at second base until Adrian Cardenas is ready, then they could move him to third base. This makes sense for the A’s, but maybe not the Marlins.

Dodgers (possible)  They could offer James McDonald. He’s not the best prospect, but could get the deal done with an added player and poor offers for Uggla. Or, the Marlins could decide to keep him and trade someone else. 

White Sox (not likely)  They would be interested, but I don’t see them giving away their farm for another slow player. I don’t know if they could even pull off a trade. They’d be much more interested in Brian Roberts.

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Offseason Plan: Conclusion

The Offseason Plan series has sadly ended. It was a lot of fun writing this. I hope you enjoyed it. Remember, you can always click on the sidebar link: Offseason Plan to see them all. Here are the links for every team’s offseason plan…


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MLB Predictions: September

Today is the first, so it’s prediction time. I will highlight my changes in red.

AL East

Rays.  This is not going to change. This team just keeps on winning despite losing Evan Longoria and Carl Crawford to injuries. The Red Sox have been bit by the injury bug, too, and have not fared nearly as well. Right now, they sit 5.5 games behind the Rays in the division and are struggling to hold onto the wild card.

AL Central

White Sox.  I’m not changing here. Even with the Twins adding Francisco Liriano they aren’t better than the White Sox. The White Sox have the far better hitting than the Twins, as well as a better bullpen. So the slight advantage the Twins have in starting pitching doesn’t make up for the White Sox’ offense.

AL West

Angels.  This is still the easiest pick. The second place Rangers elimination number is 9. They have lost the “best team in the MLB” tag, however. They play in the second worst division, and don’t have the dominant top 3 that you need in the playoffs. The still might get to the World Series, but probably won’t win it.

AL Wild Card

Red Sox.  They’ll still make the playoffs. There pitching will eventually get healthy, and they have a way better offense than the Twins. The Red Sox and White Sox are almost the same in my mind. The Red Sox with a little better starting pitching when healthy, the White Sox with a better bullpen. And they’re both better than the Twins. By the way, the Yankees have no chance. I am so glad there will be a post season without the Yankees in it.

NL East

Phillies.  This one is the tougest I have chosen thus far. I was wrong about the Mets and Marlins. I thought the Mets would fade and the Marlins had a good chance at the division. Now the Marlins have faded and are out of the race, while the Mets have surged and taken over first place in the division. I still like the Phillies in the race over the Mets, though, becasue they got Brett Myers to be the old Brett Myers. His resurgence gives both teams about an even rotation. They both have similar offenses. The bullpen is what separates the Phillies from the Mets. The Mets still don’t have a closer, and even though the Phillies bullpen has struggled as of late, they still are far superior to the Mets.

NL Central

Cubs.  Is there any way they don’t win this division? They are only 4.5 games over the Brewers, but have played awesome. This is now not only the best team in the NL, but the best team in the MLB. They have the best playoff rotation of Carlos Zambrano, Rich Harden,  Ryan Dempster. They have a great bullpen, and the best lineup. This team, gulp, is the favorites to win the world series in my mind.

NL West

Diamond Backs. This is my only change. The D’Backs are just a better team than the Dodgers, with Manny Ramirez or not. They still have the better starting pitching, and the Dodgers still have the better bullpen. I said in last month’s predictions that the Dodgers have a better offense. Over the last month, the D’Backs were fifth in the NL in runs scored, while the Dodgers were tenth. Adam Dunn has helped their lineup out a ton. The younger players have started to hit as well. This team might even get somewhere in the post season. They have arguable the best 1-2 punch of playoff contenders and a solid bullpen.

Offseason Plan: Florida Marlins

I am making a new series here on All Baseball All the Time. It is called the offseason plan series. I will go through all thirty teams and put on my GM hat. Today I will start with the Florida Marlins.

The penny pinching Marlins could be set for another fire sale this offseason. You may wonder why, as they are an above five hundred team and possibly could get better. Their owners do not like spending money, however. There projected payroll with many arbitration eligible players is about 58 million. I’m sure they would like to lower that to at least 50 million, probably less. And they still need a catcher. They could also use a cheap left reliever to replace Arthur Rhodes in the offseason. This is a list predicting the amount players will earn in arb. I think Scott Olsen should be moved to open up a spot for Andrew Miller. Mike Jacobs should also be traded. The Marlins have to many low average high power type players. They can spare him becasue the Marlins have a good second base prospect in Chris Coghlan. They can move Jorge Cantu to first base, and Dan Uggla to third base. That would improve the defense at third, first, and second base. Also, they get some speed in the lineup from Coghlan. Also, if the above list is correct, they shave 5 million off their payroll. They need to move an outfielder to open up a spot for Cameron Maybin. The least talented is Cody Ross, so I say move him. That’s another 1.5 million, only 1.5 left untill they are at 50. Since it is such a small number, they could just move fringe guys like Alfredo Amezaga and Sergio Mitre, whom are easily replacable. For the return in trades, I think they could get Gerald Laird from the Rangers. Maybe the Marlins throw in an extra prospect or 2 to get the Rangers to eat all of Laird’s contract. Jacobs could go to a team like the Angels if they fail to resign Teixera. The Marlins would likely ask for a prospect in return. Ross, Amezaga, and Mitre could be dealt for mid-to-low-level prospects. This is my offseason plan for the Florida Marlins. 

Jarrod Saltalamacchia for Michael Bowden makes  sense

I thought of a trade between the Rangers and Red Sox. Jarrod Saltalamacchia for Michael Bowden. The Rangers are in dire need of pitching help with a negative VORP. They are almost definatley going to trade a catcher this offseason, maybe two. They have four quality catchers in Salty, Max Ramirez, Gerald Laird, and Taylor Teagarden. It is in the order of value. The Rangers would like to add a pitcher, but most of the teams looking for a catcher don’t have a pitching prospect they can spare better than Bowden. If the Marlins offered Ryan Tucker, that would be close to chose from. If the Reds offered Homer Baily it would be done in a second. The Rangers would probably want a major league ready pitcher, because in the lower minors they have three stud pitching prospects in Neftali Feliz, Derek Holland, and Blake Beavan. Them, combinded with Eric Hurley are the Rangers future. The Rangers could make a trade like this, or they could combine Salty with others to land a proven pitcher via trade. The only problem is, that pitcher isn’t out there unless the Blue Jays decide to shop Roy Halladay, which isn’t likely. All in all, I think it would be smart for the Rangers to trade one catcher for a pitching prospect like Bowden, then next offseason make there big splash when the stud trio of prospects will be ready.