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Player Market: Adrian Beltre

The Mariners hold the best third baseman available this offseason in Adrian Beltre. Since they want to rebuild, it makes sense for them to shop him around. Remember, he has a no-trade-claus, so he’d probably only go to a contender. Lets look at some teams that could become interested.

Twins (frontrunners)  They need a third baseman and Beltre is the best available. He has one year, 11.5 left on his contract. Unless the M’s eat a lot of salary, they can’t expect to get one of the Twins four good young pitchers. Even if they do eat part of the conract, it might not be enough. I think Kevin Mulvey for Beltre is fair for both teams. It would take away the depth at starting pitching for the Twins, though, and that’s something they probably don’t want to do.

Mariners (frontrunners)  I have a feeling that they’ll ask for a ton, just like they did at last year’s trade deadline. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see this happen, I just pitty every Mariners fan.

Indians (possible)  They would like to move Jhonny Peralta to third base so they can improve the defense. But adding Beltre and his gold glove helps their defense more than most other players could. They could offer Ben Francisco or Franklin Gutierrez. The player could play a lot on a terrible team like the Mariners.

Dodgers (possible)  Could Beltre go back to his former team? It’s possible. They could make an offer that apeals the Mariners. I think Beltre would go back to LA to belt some homers. This trade could work out, but in the end, I think the Dodgers will resign Casey Blake instead of trading for Adrian Beltre.

Trade Market

I am going to make a trade market post, where I put down all the meaningful players on the trade block. I will put this in order of how good the players are the same way I did it in the Free Agent Market series. There will be a link on the players I have done in my player market series. Any player already traded will be underlined. This will be a sidebar link.



  • Bengie Molina
  • Jarrod Saltalamacchia
  • Gerald Laird
  • Kelly Shoppach (If the Indians keep Victor Martinez at catcher)
  • Ramon Hernandez

First Base

Second Base

  • Dan Uggla
  • Brian Roberts
  • Kelly Johnson (Only if Braves rebuild)


  • JJ Hardy
  • Jack Wilson

Third Baseman

Left Field

  • Matt Holliday
  • Rick Ankiel
  • Randy Winn
  • Josh Willingham
  • Juan Pierre

Center Field

  • David DeJesus
  • Rick Ankiel
  • Randy Winn
  • Juan Pierre

Right Field

  • Brian Giles (Only if the club option gets picked up)
  • Rick Ankiel
  • Randy Winn

Designated Hitter

Aubrey Huff

Starting Pitching

  • Roy Halladay (Only in the Blue Jays decide to rebuild)
  • Jake Peavy (Only if blown away)
  • Zack Greinke (Only if blown away)
  • Matt Cain (Only if blown away)
  • Nick Blackburn (Only for a good, young hitter)
  • Edwin Jackson (Only him or Sonnanstine)
  • Jonathan Sanchez (Only for a good, young, hitter)
  • Andy Sonnanstine (Only him or Jackson)
  • Scott Olsen

Relief Pitching

  • Huston Street
  • George Sherrill
  • Ron Mahay
  • Kevin Gregg
  • BJ Ryan


You can see there are not many so far. I will update this as I think of more.

Offseason Plan: Seattle Mariners

The Seattle Mariners are a bad team, end of story. They need to blow this team up and start from scratch. I think a fire sale is in order. They have not done well, thus far. Seattle had two chances to trade Jarrod Washburn and his big salary, but passed both times. Washburn has had a terrible month of August, but hopefully some team will still take on that large salary in the offseason. Also, maybe they didn’t want to make any trades untill they found out who the next GM will be. I have a feeling Lee Pelekoudas won’t be back. In this offseason they need to trade Washburn and his salary if there are any takers, maybe trade Miguel Batista and/or Carlos Silva as well while eating salary. Erik Bedard also has to go. He is the only player on their team outside of Ichiro and Felix Hernandez that could bring back quality prospects in a trade. They can’t let these overpayed veterans get all the starts and force great prospects like Brandon Morrow and AJ Dickey into the bullpen. I wouldn’t mind if they dealt all four of these guys. Now, to the offense. They were stubborn in there asking prices for Adrian Belte and Raul Ibanez as well. Ibanez they had an excuse, though, because if they let Ibanez walk this winter, they will get draft picks because of his type A status. Beltre needs to be moved. Next year is the last in his contract and they won’t be competing. Also, try to move Kenji Johjima if you can. It will be hard becasue of his terrible contract, but maybe there will be a taker because of the weak free agent market for catchers. So my plan for the Mariners: No big money free agents, and have a fire sale.