Regular Season Preview: The Washington Nationals

The Washington Nationals had a very bad 2008 to say the least.  They finished with the worst record in the MLB, and didn’t get consistency out of any one player all year long.  The Nats decided that they needed to add some power to the lineup, so they went out and made Mark Teixeira a very large offer.  Rumors say that it was nats.jpgmore than 200 million!  However, Tex decided he would rather be on a winning team, so he opted for the Yankees’ offer.  It might have been a good thing, though, because the team signed Adam Dunn for 2 years, 20 million, a huge bargain.  Dunn will bring nearly the same offensive production as Teixeira and comes at a much cheaper price.  He will add a very big bat to the Washington lineup.  The Nationals added a couple of nice role players when they traded Emilio Bonifacio and others to the Marlins for Scott Olson and Josh Willingham.  They also cut Tim Redding and signed Daniel Cabrera to take his place.

Unfortunately, this team has about a 3% chance of competing.  Unless a lot of young players step up big time, and unless the Phillies, Mets, Braves, and Marlins all have a lot of injuries, the Nats don’t have a chance.  The goal for this year’s National team should be to win 70 games, a large improvement from the year before.  Keep on building young talent, maybe sign a free agent or two in the offseason, and aim for competing in 2011, or 2012.  Maybe 2010 if they show a big improvement this year.

Sorry Nats fans, but 2009 won’t be much better than the last.


  1. raysrenegade

    If they can decide what to do with all those outfielders, they could have a pretty good home run hitting team on their hands. Elijah Dukes is healthy, and can hit the cover off the ball. People forget about his first games as a pro in Yankee Stadium when he hit that moon shot.

    Nats have more troubles above the field than on it right now. Jim Bowens might be out of a jib by the weekend after the payola situation might be traced back to the front office. Hopefully he will jump on the sword ( not for real ) and end all of this off the field drama.

    Rays Renegade

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