Khalil Greene Traded to the Cardinals

Khalil Greene has been traded to the Cardinals for minor league pitcher Mark Worrell and a player to be named later. It is unknown how much money the Padres will kick in, if they even pay any. This seems like a pretty good move for both sides.



The Cardinals turned right to Greene and got a deal done quickly once Edgar Renteria singed with the Giants. He was probably their top target, but I guess they chose Greene at 6.5 million tops over Renteria at 9 million. I think that is a smart desion. Greene plays by far better defense, comes on a 1 year deal, and is cheaper even without money thrown in. On top of that, Khalil has more power even though he was awful last year. Other options like Rafael Furcal and Orlando Cabrera are appearantly out of their price range. So when it boils down to Greene or Renteria, I think they made the right choice by selecting Greene.



The Padres also did well in this trade. I doubt that Worrell or the PTBNL turn out to be anything, but they moved Greene’s salary. They needed to make a trade to move some cash, and they dump a good amount. Hopefully this will take the pressure off a Jake Peavy trade. So now they won’t have to take a bad deal for him just to move some green.




I think this is a solid move for both teams. The Cardinals get a fairly cheap shortstop; the Padres move salary.

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