Andy Pettitte Possible for the Dodgers

Andy Pettitte has been in touch with his former manager, Joe Torre. The Dodgers have some interest in adding Pettitte. He would be a pretty solid addition to the back of their rotation, but I would rather have Randy Johnson. If you look at the stats, Randy was better than Andy in every category except for innings pitched. And that was because The Big Unit was hurt at the start the season. I wouldn’t mind adding both of them if the price was fair. A rotation of Chad Billingsley-Hiroki Kuroda-Randy Johnson-Andy Pettitte-Clayton Kershaw would be solid. The only only hang-up on this idea would be the money. If Unit gets 14 million, and Pettitte gets 12 million, the Dodgers would have only 24 million left to lock up Manny Ramirez with. That might take up all of the money, leaving the Dodgers with next to nothing to fill the third base and shortstop holes with. So I find both player signing in LA not very likely. Despite the possibility of Pettitte reuniting with his former manager I think he will resign with the Yankees. The Dodgers will sign Randy Johnson as their veteran arm, and will also sign a pitcher returning from injury to compete with James McDonald for the final spot.


  1. Elizabeth D

    It’s nice that Petite and Torre have been in touch. How old is Randy Johnson now? And it seems like the Dodgers are pretty high in contention for Manny Ramirez. There hasn’t been too many others rumors about Manny on the Hot Stove.

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