Third Team Identified in Peavy to Cubs Trade

Padres’ GM Kevin Towers thinks he has identified the third team for a possible Jake Peavy to the Cubs trade. He failed to reveal it, but I will name two teams who could make sense: the A’s and the Giants. 

A’s.  The A’s really need a third baseman of the future. Josh Vitters is the Cubs’ prospect most likely to be dealt in a Peavy trade, but the Pads don’t want him because if their own log jam at the hot corner. The A’s have a ton of pitching depth, and Vitters just makes too much sense for their team. Maybe a pitcher like Brett Anderson could get it done. So the trade would be looking like this…

  • Cubs get: Jake Peavy
  • Padres get: Brett Anderson, Felix Pie, Sean Marshall, Rich Hill, Tony Thomas
  • A’s get: Josh Vitters

Giants.  They also have some pitching to spare. There is a big hole at third base, and an aquisition like Vitters should fill that hole in the long run. The Giants could send either Tim Alderson or Madison Bumgarner. The only problem with this is that both the Padres and the Giants are in the same division. I don’t think the Giants would want to be trading one of their best prospects to a team in their division, and I also don’t think the Padres would want to help the Giants get Vitters. If a deal could be worked out, it would look like this…

  • Cubs get: Jake Peavy
  • Padres get: Tim Alderson or Madison Bumgarner, Felix Pie, Sean Marshall, Rich Hill, Tony Thomas 
  • Giants get: Josh Vitters

I doubt the Cubs are able to pull off a trade for Peavy, because even in these two instances, the Padres don’t get much. I find a trade with the Braves much more likely. If not to the Braves, he’ll stay put. 


  1. raysrenegade

    That is an interesting prognosis. I think it could/would work if those are the tools the Padres desire. You never know anymore, could be another team that is in the smoke right now and would be willing to take Fukedome off the Cubs hands.
    But your theory holds more than water, and if it is true to the “T” you are my hero.

    Rays Renegade

  2. Joe

    I agree that the Padres will want more for Peavy, and these trades are probably not happening. There is no way the Pads can get what they want for Peavy if they trade with the Cubs, though. Nevertheless, there have been constant talks between the Padres and the Cubs, or at least that’s what reports are saying. I still think he’ll be a Brave.

    Thank-you. I don’t know if those are the tools the Padres desire, but I guess it could work. Like I said before, I think he’ll be a Brave.
    All Baseball All The Time

  3. Elizabeth D

    Interesting Joe, and these two teams do make sense. But you’re absolutely right regarding the fact that the Padres aren’t getting much in either situation, and it’s Jake Peavy! They should definitely be asking for more since he’s one of the premier pitchers of the game.

  4. districtboy

    Yeah, I agree with the others. The Padres wouldn’t be getting enough, but I doubt the Giants would give up Bumgarner or Alderson for just Vitters. He had a nice half season at Boise, but Bumgarner and Alderson are bigger prospects. Bumgarner put up numbers that speak for themselves, and Alderson put together a great season while being faced with the very unusual scenario of being a high school draftee playing his first full season in Class A Advanced. Most hitters in that league were at least three years older than Alderson.


  5. hardballblog

    The Braves by far put out the best offer. They satisfied every need the Padres are looking for but San Diego left it on the table. I think this is just Kevin Towers being greedy and trying to get more out of the Braves. Also, Felix Pie? He isn’t even that good. He has been up and down between the majors and minors how many times? He has potential but it is just that. He hasn’t proven anything in quite a few chances. The Cubs are kidding themselves if they think Felix Pie will help get Peavy. He is NOT major league ready.

    • Joe

      I think the Giants would be willing to trade one of those two pitchers for Vitters. It would be dealing from a position of strength to fill a need. I also think that Vitters might be a better prospect than those two. But maybe that’s just because of his incredible potential. He was the #3 pick in the draft a couple years ago.
      I think that the Braves offer wasn’t enough to get Jake Peavy. I mean this is one of the best pitchers in the MLB under contract for a below market rate for the next 4 years. You never see guys like this hit the market. It will take a lot to move him. I agree that the Cubs don’t make much sense at all, but they keep on hanging around. Maybe Kevin Towers is just trying to drive up the price, but I’m not sure. I just posted about what other blogs are writing with my personal opinion. That’s what I do.
      All Baseball All The Time

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