A’s Frontrunners for Rafael Furcal

The A’s are looking like the frontrunners for Rafael Furcal. The only teams left in the bidding are the A’s, Giants, and a mystery team. The mystery team is not the Reds according to Jon Heyman. (same link as above) The A’s pursuing Furcal makes sense. They could have a very good team next year with the additions of Matt Holliday and Rafael Furcal. With talks of them also being in on Nick Johnson and Jason Giambi, the offense looks like it will be getting much better. The Giants, Dodgers, and other teams looking for a shortstop will have to turn to Orlando Cabrera and Edgar Renteria. Finally things will start moving once Furcal signs.



  1. Luke Goddard

    While I understand that the Braves aren’t actively pursuiing Furcal, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Peavy deal happens that the Braves would go after him. Furcal has already stated that he’d come back to Atlanta anytime and that he would offer a hometown discount, or at least it’s believed he would.

    I wonder if the “mystery” team is Atlanta…


  2. Joe

    I agree that the Braves could definately be the mystery team. But, the Braves would have to complete a Peavy deal first. I’m not sure if Furcal wants to wait that long. The A’s still look like the team that makes the most sense.
    All Baseball All The Time

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