Angels Begin Talking to CC Sabathia

With so many teams seriously interested in Mark Teixera, the Angels are contemplating the idea of signing CC Sabathia instead. Talks have recently begun with CC and his agent. It is possible that the Angels could offer Sabathia a contract close to the one Johan Santana got; only 3 million less the the Yankees’ offer. This would almost definately get a deal done unless the Yanks raised their offer to the 7 year, 180 million range. If the Yankees do that, Sabathia would be in the same situation he is in now. The Angels wouldn’t go after Sabathia unless Mark Teixera declined his contract offer first. They are preparing to make him a 7 year, 140 million offer, but Tex and Boras are still pushing for 10 years. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Angels offered Teixera 8 years, 160 million; that’s only 1 extra year than the initial offer they are planning to make. The Red Sox, desperate to counter any Yankees signing, might be willing to throw even more money toward Tex. 9 years, 180 million isn’t out of the question for them. So, if the Angels can’t get Teixera for whatever reason, and he is lost to the Red Sox, Oriols, Nationals, or Yankees, the Halos will turn to Sabathia.

I know this might be confusing, because Sabathia is expected to sign before Tex. The Angels, however, plan on making Teixera their highest offer with a deadline. If Tex accepts, then great. If he declines, they will aggressively pursue CC Sabathia. The Yankees might be trying to do the same thing. They could put a deadline on the offer they made to CC, and then if they don’t get him they can turn to Tex. It would be ironic to see Sabathia sign with the Angels, who need hitting more than pitching, and then see Teixera sign with the Yankees, who need pitching more than hitting. The Dodgers could also follow this idea. Offer Manny a contract with a deadline, and if he doesn’t accept, go after Sabathia. It’s kind of different in their situation, because Manny is almost definately going to resign with the Dodgers. No one else in even interested.

Free agency is a very confusing, tough puzzle to solve. It is almost impossible to truly know who will sign where. I just try my best.


  1. juliasrants

    You’re right Joe. This free agency talk is getting more and more confusing. Maybe if there wasn’t only one agent representing so many of the top prospects it would help. Which one is Boras going to resolve first? It is interesting to hear that the Angels might be interested in C.C. I can’t wait to see where everyone is going to end up.

  2. thegoodofthegame

    Nice post, Joe.
    I have to say that free agency gets more and more ridiculous every year. Tex is good, so is CC, but is anyone worth that much money? Is anyone worth 10 years? Boras is destroying baseball.

    This is like salaries for NFL rookies. It blows my mind. Baseball is not what it used to be. I don’t blame the players; who wouldn’t take $140 million if someone gave it to you? But this is getting out of hand!


  3. Elizabeth D

    Wow, the whole Sabathia/Tex sweepstakes are getting crazy. It would definitely be ironic to see Sabathia go to the Angels and Tex to go to the Yankees. I’m wondering if the Yankees will put an actual deadline on the offer soon, seeing that Hal even said that this offer won’t last forever. For the Red Sox, getting Tex would be great, but then I guess we’d have to trade away Mike Lowell :(. I think that Lowell will be able to make a comeback after his surgery, and he was the ’07 World Series MVP.

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