Victor Martinez for Mike Lowell Makes Sense

Of course this wouldn’t happen unless the Red Sox aquire Mark Teixera, but if they did, I think Victor Martinez for Mike Lowell would make a lot of sense for both teams.

The Red Sox, flush with cash, would pay the remainder of Lowell’s contract. They could easily afford this. Let’s assume Teixera gets 20 million per year. Martinez will get paid 5.2 million this year. That equals 25 million, leaving the Sox with 10 million extra to sign a fourth outfielder with or just sit on until the deadline. Martinez is a great addition to the team, and that becomes the best lineup in the MLB if you add Tex and V-Mart.

This trade also makes sense for the Indians because they get to aquire a great third baseman for no cost at all. They actually dump salaryb by making this move. It would leave them with 20 million to spend to fill the closer and starting pitching holes. Brian Fuentes and Jon Garland could be two nice aquisitions. So, the Indians would be adding Lowell, Fuentes, and Garland by just subtracting Martinez. They would then give Ryan Garko another shot at first base. Or move Matt LaPorta to the cold corner and sign a left fielder instead of Fuentes or Garland. This idea is much better than the other option. Having Mark Grudzielanek, Trevor Hoffman, and Freddy Garcia while keeping Martinez is not as good as the above mentioned idea.

So I think this trade has the potential to be a big win-win for both teams. Tell me what you think in the comments.


  1. Joe

    I know that a lot of Red Sox fans don’t want to trade Lowell, but there is no other way to get Teixera. It would be stupid to deal Kevin Youkilis. The offense gets worse if you move Jason Bay, and so does the defense. Why would you put a gold glove first baseman in left field? You could attemt to trade JD Drew, but that won’t be easy because of his contract. Plus, the defense becomes awful in that situation with Youk in left and Bay in right. Oh, and don’t even mention trading David Ortiz. So, unfortunatly for Red Sox fans, Lowell has to go. Look on the bright side, you’re getting the best free agent on the market if Teixera comes aboard.
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