Giants Sign Edgar Renteria for 2 Years, 18  Million

Update: It was a false report. Renteria has not signed with any team and is not even close. It looks like I got all worked up about it for nothing.


The Giants have signed shortstop Edgar Renteria to a 2 year, 18 million dollar contract. Terrible move! These are the reasons why.

  1. They overpayed. Renteria was very bad last year. He played awful defense and hit only .270. The 9 million per year they gave him was flat out stupid. Orlando Cabrera, a better player, will be looking for the same annual amount for maybe 1 extra year. Second baseman Orlando Hudson wants 10 million per for 2 more years. That’s too much money, but would look great compared to this contract. I have no idea why the Giants would give this kind of money to a 33 year old, mediocre at best shortstop.
  2. Renteria is a type A free agent that almost definatly wouldn’t have been offered arbitration. The Tigers, after declining his 12 million club option, wouldn’t have risked watching him accept and getting stuck with him. If the Giants were going to make this terrible signing, couldn’t they have waited until after the deadline to offer players arbitration? That would have made it a little more acceptable. Instead, they just give away their second round draft pick in next year’s draft. This also limits them with other free agents because if they sign another type A, they will be fortifing their 2nd and 3rd round picks. The Giants second pick would be the in 4th round! This is not the way you rebuild a team.
  3. This takes them out of the Rafael Furcal and Orlando Hudson bidding. Furcal has always made a ton of sense for their team, but he won’t be signed because Renteria is blocking his path. It looks like the A’s become the frontrunner now. Hudson won’t be aquired because it would screw up their draft next year. Like I previously stated, their second pick would be in the 4th round. It looks like Edgar Renteria will be the big free agent signing the team will make for their infield. They had a great oppertunity to compete, but this signing just tables it.

My letter grade for them on this free agent signing: F  


One comment

  1. Los

    I totally agree with the grade you gave the Giants on this trade. I think that this will be like a mini Zito deal. To much money for a player who will not be near worth it. His defense has been going bad and his hitting is sure to do the same.

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