Suitors for CC Sabathia Besides the Yankees

Almost everyone thinks CC Sabathia will end up signing with the Yankees. But, he has made it known that he doesn’t want to sign in New York. He would much rather go home to the west coast and/or the national league. The Dodgers, Angels, and Giants seem like other interested parties, but none of them are particuarly great fits. The Dodgers and Angels would rather resign their former sluggers, Manny Ramirez and Mark Teixera.

I see no way Manny doesn’t return to LA. There are no other teams that make any sense besides the Dodgers. The Yankees are possible if they miss CC and Tex, but what are the chances the rich Yankees go all the way to plan C? Manny would like to wait for a while before he signs on. He seems like he will be the last major free agent to sign. Manny and CC could both be squeezed into the payroll, but that would leave little room for other free agent signings. They have a lot of holes, so this might not be a good idea. The Dodgers aren’t a very likely Sabathia suitor.

The Angels are more likely. They will present Teixera with a big offer and a deadline. If Tex doesn’t agree to the contract before the deadline, the Angels will abandon him and move on to Sabathia. They would pose a big threat to the Yankees if Tex does not return. So they’re more likely than the Dodgers, but I would still favor the Yankees.

The Giants have not made an offer yet for 2 reasons.

  1. The Barry Zito signing scared them to death. I don’t know if they want to give out another 100 million+ contract after seeing how bad the first one ended up. Sabathia is a completely different type of pitcher, so they might still consider it. Even if they do decide to pursue Sabathia and eventually sign him, they have to worry about the 2nd reason.
  2. They don’t need CC Sabathia. That is very obvious. The reason they’re considering him is because they could then flip Matt Cain to a different team for a big bat without creating a hole in the starting pitching. Cain for Prince Fielder has been discussed, but the Brewers might be able to aquire a pitcher in a different transaction. Or, payroll could become an issue. Fielder will probably make 7 or 8 million through arbitration while Sabathia will take at least 20 million per year. So Sabathia to the Giants is possible, but I don’t think it’s going to happen because of the above two reasons.

So CC Sabathia is still probably going to wear pinstripes next year, but these are some other possibilities. 



  1. juliasrants

    I think you’re right about C.C. ending up with the Yankees. Except, I don’t see Hal waiting forever fo C.C. to make up his mind. I can see Hal getting fed up and then going after Burnett or maybe even Lowe. And yes, Manny will probably be back with the Dodgers – but I think he & Boras are going to play this for all the drama & money that they can.

  2. Elizabeth D

    Interesting that CC doesn’t necessarily want to sign with the Yankees, but money does talk… so we’ll have to see what happens. About Manny going to the Yankees
    1. Because I’m a Red Sox fan, I would have a heart attack, because I still have some love for Manny.
    2. I don’t really think that the Yankees would be willing to put up with Manny’s eccentricities.
    Perhaps Manny will stay with the Dodgers, and maybe the Yankees will end up signing Tex… or even the Angels. Whatever happens, it’s going to be interesting.

    • Joe

      I admit Manny to the Yankees is a little far fetched, but they really want to make a big move through free agency. If they don’t get Sabathia, which is what this entry was about, they will make Mark Teixera their priority. There is no guarantee they will get Tex, because the Angels and Red Sox will pursue him agressively. So if the Yanks miss both, Manny could make some sense. It is far fetched though; I was just speculating.
      All Baseball All The Time

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