Giants Sign Jeremy Affeldt for 2 years, 8 Million

Today, the Giants completely stole Jeremy Affeldt out of the free agent pool. They signed him for only 2 years, 8 million. He was one of the best lefty relievers out there and could have landed a closer’s role with a team like the Indians or Tigers, but he chose the Giants. He didn’t get paid that much either. They will try to improve their bullpen mainly through free agency, and the infield through a free agent and a trade. A starter could also be added if Sanchez is dealt. This seems like a step in the right direction for them, since their bullpen was so bad last year. With the right moves, they might contend. Now teams in need of relievers, especially lefty ones, will have to look elsewhere.


  1. Joe

    I agree that if Wilson gets off to a bad start that Affeldt could take over the role, but it seems like they want to continue on with Wilson, at least to start the season.
    All Baseball All The Time

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