Giants and A’s Frontrunners for Rafael Furcal

The Giants and A’s are now the frontrunners to land former Dodgers’ shortstop Rafael Furcal. The battle across the bay! I’m surprised the Dodgers are out of it so early; I thought for sure they would be the team to sign him. I guess they would rather go cheaper with a guy like Orlando Cabrera and then spend more to adress third base and the rotation. Starting pitching could also be adressed cheaper by signing Randy Johnson, though. Maybe they’ll add two arms. I don’t know what they will do, but appearantly Furcal is on their backburner.

The A’s, after changin gears into win-now mode with the Matt Holliday trade, will try to continue improving their team, this time through free agency. They don’t have any speed in the lineup, but Furcal could change that very quickly. They already have a decent shortstop in Bobby Crosby, but he is in the final year on his deal and could easily be traded. Remember, they weren’t far behind the Angels last year in July. With Furcal and Holliday injected into that lineup, and with Mark Teixera possibly ditching LA to sign in Boston with the Red Sox, the A’s might compete for the AL West Crown.

The Giants also think they could be possible contenders. They recenly signed Jeremy Affeldt, and I talked in depth about all their free agent targets here. Furcal would give them a great leadoff man, and help change the style that they play baseball with. If they can trade Jonathan Sanchez for another infielder and then sign a decent #4 or 5 starter to replace him, they could contend in the very bad NL West.

So I really like the idea of Furcal signing with either of these teams. I’m upset that I got this pick wrong for my top 50 free agents, though. Darn!

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