Nick Swisher Dealt to the Yankees

The White Sox, after trading the farm for him last year, have dealt Nick Swisher to the Yankees along with pitching prospect Kanekoa Texeira. In return, they get only pitching prospects Jeff Marquez and Jhonny Nunez as well as third/first baseman Wilson Betemit. What a steal for the Yankees! They get their cheap first baseman for two mid-level pitching prospects plus a bench player in Wilson Betemit. Brian Cashman has gotten quality players in the past two trades by giving up mid-level prospects. Just because the Yanks have Swisher, don’t count them out of the Mark Teixera bidding. They could always move Swish back to center field in that situation. This move really plugs a hole and for basicly nothing. Outstanding move by Brian Cashman. I have no idea why Kenny Williams would make this trade. He has basicly traded Gio Gonzalez, Fautino De Los Santos, Ryan Sweeney, and Kanekoa Texeira for the package of crap he’s gotten from the Yankees. Betemit will continue to ride the bench for the Sox and while the two pitchers add depth, they might be better off just going with Lance Broadway and Clayton Richard. Now that “Dirty Thirty” is gone the Sox will probably trade for Willy Tavares. He will continue to stay off base while Swisher bounces back for the Yanks’ offense. Coco Crisp could also be an option. Bottom Line: The White Sox got ripped off and Brian Cashman is a genious.

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