Matt Holliday to Cardinals is Dead

Tracy Ringolsby and Joe Strauss talked to Cardinals’ GM John Mozeliak here and here. Both are reporting that the Matt Holliday trade to the Cardinals is dead. I’m kind of confused on this one; it would’ve given the Cards a big bat to put behind Albert Pujols in the lineup. Some might argue the price is too high, but Ludwick is the only needed player. Schumaker wasn’t needed with Holliday coming in, and Mitchell Boggs was just a throw in. One reason could have been payroll. With Holliday slated to earn 13.5 million in ’09, the Cardinals would be left with only 6.5 million to spend. With big holes in the middle infield and the bullpen, it might be smarter to keep Ludwick and spend the money to fill those holes. The other reason might be that they think the improvement of Holliday over Ludwick wasn’t so great. A case could be made that Orlando Hudson would have a bigger impact replacing Adam Kennedy than Holliday replacing Ludwick. Plus, Holliday would be a rental while Ludwick and Hudson would be under contract for a long time. So when you look at it that way, it makes sense to decline that trade and use the money on middle infield and/or bullpen help. The Rockies will continue shopping Holliday, but there are no good suitors left. One dark horse is the Nationals. If they are willing to offer Mark Teixera 10 years, 200 million, then they could pursue a trade for Holliday. A window for an extension would be necessary, however. That way they could offer Holliday some insane 10 year offer and lock him up instead of Tex. Another possibility is the Red Sox. If they were willing to trade Mike Lowell, move Kevin Youkilis to third base, and move Jason Bay to first base, Holliday would become  an option. I don’t know if Bay would be willing to go to first base, though. This seems as a sort of far fetched idea, but so does the Nationals idea. There are no good fits for Holliday now that the Cardinals are out.



  1. juliasrants

    I’m sorry Joe but I see NO way that the Red Sox will have Jason Bay playing first base! If they want to acquire Teixera, then I see Lowell staying at 3rd and having Youk play short with Lowrie filling in when Youk needs a day off or if he is needed to play 1st or 3rd. Bay is much to valuable in left field and as a life long member of Red Sox nation – there is NO WAY that I want them to trade Lowell!

  2. Joe

    I really don’t think Kevin Youkilis will be able to play shortstop. Has ha ever played that position is his career? Lowell is a very good player, but he’s getting older, has injury problems, and is no Mark Teixera. They don’t really need him, but they don’t really need Derek Lowe either. The best thing about aquiring Tex would be his protection for David Ortiz. Ortiz-Tex is just as good as Ortiz-Manny. I aslo think the Jason Bay to first base is a little far fetched, but I was just writing down some ideas.
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