Player Market: Manny Ramirez

Will Manny Ramirez get his crazy demands? I don’t think so, but lets look at some teams that might give in.

Dodgers (frontrunners)  There is no great fit for Manny, but the Dodgers make the most sense because of the familarity. They have a boatload of outfielders, but because of what he did for their team and how popular he is, they have to at least try to keep him. I think he’ll get  4 years, 80 million. I explained why he shouldn’t get the 6 years he wants here.

Angels (possible)  Could Manny be going to the team on the other side of LA? If they miss out on Mark Teixera, they might even become the frontrunner. Manny could DH most of the time and he knows LA. This team seems to be the best fit, if Tex doesn’t return to the Angels.

Mets (possible)  There have been conflicting reports on whether they’re interested or not. So I will label them as “possible.” They do have an open left field spot. Ya, I know they have Daniel Murphy, but I think of him more as depth in case of a Luis Castillo or Ryan Church injury. Manny would make a lot of sense here, but they probably view starting pitching as their #1 need.

Braves (not likely)  I just put them because they have the money. Not many other teams can afford a 20+ million dollar contract and still have money to spend. Bobby Cox might be able to keep Manny in line, but they, like many other teams, view starting pitching as a more pressing need.

Yankees (not likely)  They might do it solely to antagonize the Red Sox. However, with the pitching problems and such a bad defense it might not be a great idea to add Manny. If I were them, I’d use the money on pitching. If they have the urge to add a bat, bring in Teixera.

Blue Jays (dark horse)  He has always destroyed the Yankees, as well as the rest of the AL East. He would probably be extremely motivated to play so many games against the Red Sox. If the Jays want to compete, they have to get a big bat. Ramirez would be a perfect fit, the only problem is the salary. With about 15 million to spend, they’d have to either backload his contract or make a trade. This team makes a lot of sense, but are a long shot because of the money.


  1. welikeroywelikeroy

    Great post on the Manny situation, I think you covered all the angles. I definately agree that the Dodgers have to be the frontrunners, seeing how he excelled with them late this year and he caught big praise for his leadership and so forth.

    I don’t know where all this Blue Jay talk is coming from, but apparently people are saying that he would want to play for us.

  2. districtboy

    It’s amazing how bad a market is for such a great player, but I agree, the Angels make the most sense if they can’t resign Tex. It’s still so obvious who the Angels want the most though.
    I know that you know this, but it’s Luis, not Jose, Castillo. I hope to god the Mets don’t get *Jose* Castillo. Let’s leave him for the Stros’.


  3. Joe

    Thanks for telling me about my spelling error. There is a big difference betweens Luis and Jose Castillo.
    All Baseball All The Time

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