Manny Ramirez Wants 6 Years 150 Million

Scott Boras has been pushing for Manny Ramirez to get 6 years and 150 million on the open market. Remember a couple weeks ago when people were hesitant to give him a three year deal. Manny just wants to double that. I don’t even think I’d give him 2 years 50 million. To me the fair price would be 4 years, 80 million. You can’t go past four years with a guy that could just quit the team like he did in Boston. I’d also put heavy incentives in the deal for his hard work. Any funny buisness, and he loses all incentives. There could be a vesting player option as well. This 25 million a year talk is crazy. In fact, it’s almost as crazy as a 36 year old demanding 6 years. Plus, there’s no great fit. There’s the Dodgers, but they have an outfield surplus. Even though, there have been rumors that the Dodgers offered him 2 years, 60 million. If I was Manny, I’d accept this in a second and then get another big deal after the two. The Mets seem to want to spnd their money on pitching. The Braves might do it hoping Bobby Cox could keep Manny in line, but they also would rather spend on pitching. Angels could be a fit, but they seem more likely to bring back Mark Teixera. The Yankees would rather add starters. If they are going to bring in a hitter, Tex is the likely one. No other team could afford his 20 million per year contract. I don’t see him getting what he wants.




    I believe that Manny should only receive a one year contract from any team in baseball, nothing more. I believe he’s a great player but giving him $150 million would cause him to most likely quit on whatever he plays for. He should earn his money after basically quitting on the Red Soxs in August. Manny should learn this lesson and play hard for the team that gives him the one year contract. With this said, he’s still a top ten major league player in this era.

  2. juliasrants

    Any team that would give Manny a six year deal has to be crazy! He quit on us (the Red Sox) this year. Why should anyone asume that he won’t do the same thing to them? And god-for-bid he goes to a team that has “real fans” who care about the game – he won’t be able to handle it! The best thing that happened to the Red Sox this year was trading him and getting Jason Bay.

    Julia –

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