Teams may look to Make Trades for Closers

With only four good closer options on the free agent market: Francisco Rodriguez, Brian Fuentes, Kerry Wood, and Trevor Hoffman, and with the latter two likely to resign, some teams might be looking to make trades to fill a closer position rather than free agents. The Indians, Angels, Cardinals, Brewers, Tigers, and Mets are the other teams in search of a closer. The closers available could be BJ Ryan, George Sherrill, Huston Street, and Kevin Gregg. Ryan will not cost many prospects because of his salary, Gregg should be fairly cheap, and Street and Sherrill are signed cheaply but will need good prospects. Teams with large pockets like the Mets and Angels could consider Ryan a better option than Brian Fuentes because Ryan will have a shorter term. The Tigers would probably target Gregg because he’ll come cheap. The Brewers, Indians, and Cardinals will probably look into Sherrill and Street. If the Cards miss out on better middle infield options, then they might trade for Ryan. They’d still have 10 million to spend on cheaper middle infield options. The Oriols will probably target a young shortstop in a Sherrill trade, much like they did at the trade deadline. I don’t see the A’s trading Street unless they get a good left-side-of-the-infield player or just get a great offer. One possible idea is Street to the Cardinals for Bryan Anderson, then the A’s trade Kurt Suzuki to a team in need of a catcher for a shortstop or third baseman. Example: the Marlins with a pitcher for Matt Dominguez. Another idea would be to package Street with Justin Duchscherer to the Brewers to get either Mat Gamel or Alcidies Escobar. There are several possibilities. Who knows, we might even see a different team jump in.  


  1. districtboy

    Are you sure the A’s could get Dominguez just for Suzuki? Possibly, but I would be hesitant if I was Michael Hill. Dominguez is a pretty prominent prospect in the Marlins organization. Bryan Anderson and Kurt Suzuki both are superb defensively. Anderson will probably hit for a higher OBP, but Suzuki definitely has more future power. I think it might make more sense to trade Street to the Cards for David Freese. If that doesn’t pan out then maybe Allen Craig.


  2. Joe

    I think Suzuki could get Dominguez. Like you said, he is great defensivley, hits for a decent average, and has good pop. I think that’s a fair trade-off. Plus, both teams would be trading from a surplus to fill a need. This makes a lot of sense to me. If anything, the A’s could just throw in a pitching prospect.
    All Baseball All The Time

  3. districtboy

    If the A’s were trading were trading from a surplus, why would they later trade for Bryan Anderson? I agree with you that the A’s have a surplus at catcher. On most teams, catcher Landon Powell would be starting in the majors next year (.360, 15 HR, 88 G, in AAA). It’s true, Dominguez is guy who is a sensible trading chip for the Marlins. For the sake of argument, let’s say the A’s trade Dominguez for Suzuki. Powell would then slide into the starting catcher role for Oakland. Then, the A’s could trade Street for a shortstop prospect. With the depth at shortstop in the Angels organization, Street could be destined for a halo. Down the road, Michael Richard could be the answer at SS for the Athletics.


  4. Joe

    I like the idea of the Angels, but the only problem is that they play in the same division. The surplus would be Anderson replacing Suzuki. So it would be a three team trade like this

    A’s get: Bryan Anderson, Matt Dominguez
    Cardinals get: Huston Street
    Marlins get: Kurt Suzuki.

    Or the A’s could just keep Suzuki and flip Anderson to the Fish. I know three team trades are rare, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make sense.
    All Baseball All The Time

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