Braves Big Players for Jake Peavy

It is looking more and more likely that the Braves are going to be big players for Jake Peavy this winter. They have the need, the money, and the prospects to get a deal done. The popular package right now would be the Padres sending Jake Peavy along with Khalil Greene to the Braves for Tommy Hanson, Yunel Escobar, and Jordon Schafer. The Padres add a great pitching prospect, their shortstop of the future, and their center fielder of the future all in one deal. The Braves bring in an ace under team control for many years. They also add a player in Greene that might be extra motivated in his contract year to replace Yunel Escobar. If he has a good year, he might even want to resign with the club since they play on the east coast. If not, the Braves still have Brent Lillibridge waiting in the wings. It will hurt for them to lose those three great young players, but they’re all expendable to certain degrees. Because of Jason Heyward, Schafer would be moved to a corner possition, anyway. He wouldn’t be very valuable there. Tommy Hanson is a great pitching prospect and is very under rated, but the Braves are good at drafting, so they could replace him with the right picks. Escobar is replaced by Greene and Lillibridge. So it hurts losing these guys, but to bring in a legitimate ace under contract for four years, it’s worth it. These teams could both get cold feet and decide not to make the trade, but it sure could happen.


  1. brave2516

    I like that deal who knows maybe with change in scenery Khalil becomes the SS he was always suppose to be and Peavy is a great pitcher to have and have him under contract for 4 years is awesome. Schafer is good but that would end his controversy, Escobar was never the same after his buddy Pena left, and the one that hurts is Hanson but to get something good you have to give something good. I’d love to see this deal done.

  2. braves10

    Ok first off getting Peavy would be a big step up for the Braves rotation next year….as for Khalil i think they should pass get a deal done but try not to give up shafer or hanson i think the farm system is good enough that they can trade a couple good prospects without completely screwing things up….maybe trade one of the highly talked about firstbasemen that Atlanta has…they arent going to play much with Kotchman already in Atlanta maybe one of them will back him up this year but go ahead and trade the other

  3. Joe


    I’m not even sure if the Padres would take the deal I suggested. If there is no Tommy Hanson or Jason Heyward in the deal, it won’t happen. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Padres demand BOTH of them. If you haven’t noticed, they have a pretty good first baseman named Adrian Gonzalez. That is the one position that the Padres don’t have a hole at.
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    I believe this would strengthen the Braves rotation and give the Braves a big step in the fight for the NL East. Jake is a top ten pitcher in this league and will work well with the subtractions of Tom Glavine and John Smoltz. The Braves should try to make this trade and then go look for 2-3 solid bullpen pitchers and they would be much improved.


    According to the San Diego Union Tribune, Jake Peavy and his agent have decided that they’d like Yunel Escobar to remain with the Braves if Peavy is traded to Atlanta.
    Peavy demanding that the team dealing for him keeps all of its MLB talent would make life a lot tougher on Padres general manager Kevin Towers.

  6. Joe

    I don’t think Peavy is really serious on that one. He can always pretend to use the NTC and get his way, but if the Padres turned around and said, “fine, then stay with us” Peavy probably would go to Atlanta. He wants to win, and thwe Braves will do a lot more of it than the Padres will whether they have Yunel Escobar or not.
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