Player Market: Dan Uggla

It seems like the Marlins will make slugging second/third baseman Dan Uggla available this offseason. There will probably be tons of suitors. Lets check them out.

Cardinals (frontrunners)  Bryan Anderson for Dan Uggla. This trade just makes too much sense for both teams. The Marlins get a catcher significantly better than Matt Treanor and open up a position for the fast, good defensive Chris Coghlan. The Cardinals get the bat they want to protect Albert Pujols, and Bryan Anderson has no role on their team because of Yadier Molina. I’d be surprised if either team got a better offer for their player.

Indians (frontrunners)  They also have a catcher they could trade. They would be reluctant to do it, but Kelly Shoppach could get a deal done for both sides. I explained how it made sense for the Marlins above, and it makes sense for the Tribe, too. They’d have to be 100% sure Victor Martinez is healthy or else they shouldn’t do the deal. Dan Uggla can play either second base or third base, so it gives them even more flexibility as to who they will sign. This trade also makes sense.

Marlins (frontrunners)  Unless they can get a good, young catcher in return, it might make more sense to trade Jorge Cantu or Mike Jacobs instead. Both players could bring back a hard throwing pitching prospect: the kind of player the Fish are looking for. Plus, it improves the defense by moving Jorge Cantu to first base or another team. If they want to build around pitching, defense, and speed it makes sense to move someone other than Uggla.  

Twins (possible)  If the Marlins are willing to take young pitching for Uggla, then the Twins are a good fit. They could offer one of their young guns and play Uggla at third base. I don’t know if the Marlins would do this trade, though. 

Giants (possible)  It is pretty much the same thing here as with the Twins. If the Fish will take pitchers, the Giants could trade Jonathan Sanchez for him. If the Marlins don’t accept starters, then Uggla won’t be in a Giant uniform next year.

A’s (possible)  It’s possible the Marlins would rather have hard throwing prospects instead of proven young pitchers. If that is the case, don’t be surprised to see Uggla heading down to the bay area. The A’s could play him at second base until Adrian Cardenas is ready, then they could move him to third base. This makes sense for the A’s, but maybe not the Marlins.

Dodgers (possible)  They could offer James McDonald. He’s not the best prospect, but could get the deal done with an added player and poor offers for Uggla. Or, the Marlins could decide to keep him and trade someone else. 

White Sox (not likely)  They would be interested, but I don’t see them giving away their farm for another slow player. I don’t know if they could even pull off a trade. They’d be much more interested in Brian Roberts.


  1. districtboy

    What’s up with the lack of respect for John Baker? I understand that catcher is a position you must have depth in, and that a starting catcher may only start 110 games, but Baker is the Marlins catcher of the future. At the very least, he can fill the position until Kyle Skipworth comes in around in about four years.

    As for Uggla, I just wouldn’t trade him, but the Twins and Dodgers do make a reasonable amount of sense. I could see Kevin Mulvey, Tyler Robertson, Scott Elbert or James McDonald being involved in some deal.

    Nice job on being #1 on The List


  2. lanacion

    Congrats for your blog and your position in the list. I am happy too and very proud because I am in the #12 in the fan blogs list. No too bad if you think that my blog is in Spanish. It is the only Non-English blog in the top50. Enjoy the postseason, my friend.

  3. Joe


    The Marlins don’t need pitching. They have Josh Johnson, Ricky Nolasco, Anibal Sanchez, Scott Olsen, and Chris Volstad. They might even shop Olsen to open up a spot for Andrew Miller. I only suggested them as a possibility. I was never heard of John Baker, but just looked up his states. He was pretty good, but it might just be an aberration; I didn’t see him on any prospect lists. I would go with the more certain guy like Bryan Anderson or Kelly Johnson. I know they have Kyle Skipworth, but by the time he reaches the big leagues they’ll be arb. eligible; meaning they’re gone. By the way, thanks for your congratulations. You too red1111. Sorry but I can’t go to your site; I don’t speak Spanish.
    All Baseball All The Time

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