Player Market: Adrian Beltre

The Mariners hold the best third baseman available this offseason in Adrian Beltre. Since they want to rebuild, it makes sense for them to shop him around. Remember, he has a no-trade-claus, so he’d probably only go to a contender. Lets look at some teams that could become interested.

Twins (frontrunners)  They need a third baseman and Beltre is the best available. He has one year, 11.5 left on his contract. Unless the M’s eat a lot of salary, they can’t expect to get one of the Twins four good young pitchers. Even if they do eat part of the conract, it might not be enough. I think Kevin Mulvey for Beltre is fair for both teams. It would take away the depth at starting pitching for the Twins, though, and that’s something they probably don’t want to do.

Mariners (frontrunners)  I have a feeling that they’ll ask for a ton, just like they did at last year’s trade deadline. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see this happen, I just pitty every Mariners fan.

Indians (possible)  They would like to move Jhonny Peralta to third base so they can improve the defense. But adding Beltre and his gold glove helps their defense more than most other players could. They could offer Ben Francisco or Franklin Gutierrez. The player could play a lot on a terrible team like the Mariners.

Dodgers (possible)  Could Beltre go back to his former team? It’s possible. They could make an offer that apeals the Mariners. I think Beltre would go back to LA to belt some homers. This trade could work out, but in the end, I think the Dodgers will resign Casey Blake instead of trading for Adrian Beltre.


  1. districtboy

    I think the Ben Francisco for Beltre makes a lot of sense, although the M’s still may need to eat some salary for that deal to come through. The Indians should have an outfield of LaPorta, Sizemore, and Choo by 2010, so Francisco needs to go somewhere. One factor though is that the Indians may opt to acquire Aubrey Huff instead. Obviously he’s a down grade defensively, but he costs less and is more consistent and versatile than Beltre. On a negative note, my god Bavasi was bad.


  2. Joe

    I don’t think Aubrey Huff can play first base anymore. he barely even played first base or left field. I don’t think any money would have to be involved to make a deal work because it seems like Casey Blake is going to get 3 years, 24 million. I’d much rather have Beltre for 1 year, 11.5 million.
    All Baseball All The Time

  3. districtboy

    Did you intend to say third base instead of first? Anyway, I’m not big on defensive stats. All I know is that fielding percentage doesn’t mean much. That being said, Huff played at 3B 33 times this season, and the Indians may still opt with Huff because of his offense and contract ($8 mil). They could use that extra money on relief help. Ultimately, it’s the prospects that each team demands.


  4. Joe

    Yes, I meant to say Huff couldn’t play third base. Could you imagine how bad a left side of the infield with Aubrey Huff and Jhonny Peralta would be defensivly? Pretty bad. They might do it for the bat and contract, but I only think he helps a little bit more than Beltre. Plus, Beltre will come with only giving up a decent prospect while Huff will take a lot more.
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  5. welikeroywelikeroy

    Beltre is coming off two sugeries in the offseason. He had arthroscopic surgery on his left shoulder to remove bone spurs and also had ligament replacement surgery on his left thumb.

    Does this make him a more dangerous hitter? His numbers slightly improved last season, but he was nothing like he was in 2004. He could be a great pickup, and a sleeper in the free agent market.

  6. Joe


    Beltre is not a free agent in the offseason, but I agree that he could be a big sleeper heading into 2009.
    All Baseball All The Time

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