Could Blue Jays Shop BJ Ryan

I have said before that the Blue Jays had a lot of money to spend. Now that I look closer, they only have about 15 million. So they can buy one big free agent, but that’s it. If they move BJ Ryan and clear 10 million from the payroll, then they would have 25 million. That could add two goo players. Maybe AJ Burnett and Orlando Cabrera. That would help a lot. I know you probably think that no team would want Ryan for that salary, but I think some team will get desperate. Brian Fuentes will probably get more years in exchange for less money. If teams value Ryan and Fuentes evenly, then they might consider Ryan an affordable option to Francisco Rodriguez or Brian Fuentes. For example: the Mets could decide that K-Rod is not worth 4 years, 60 million. Instead, they like the idea of Ryan for 2 years 20 million. This way they can use their money on starters, and the Jays free up salary. Everyone wins. I think it is very likely the Jays trade BJ Ryan this offseason.


  1. jdl382

    The only problem with this is that the Jays may not be able to get much in return for him. Most GMs see this guy who is kinda past his prime and is always on the DL. He did have a good year though. Seeing who you can get on the trade market really depends on the team and their GM. Some GMs are stupid, like Washington and Pittsburgh’s for example. Those are two teams that you may be able to get some guys for. Even though, the Pirates gold mine has become diminished since the trade deadline. They got rid of a lot of good fairly young players for a bunch of much worse, younger players. The only guys on that team who are still worth something are McClouth, Freddy Sanchez, Adam LaRoche, and Ryan Doumit.

  2. Joe

    It doesn’t matter if the Jays get good players in return. They could give him away for free just to clear salary. If they want to resign Burnett while adding a hitter, they’ll need to move the 10 million owed to Burnett.
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