Player Market: Edwin Jackson

It is possible the Rays trade Edwin Jackson this offseason to open up a spot for David Price in the rotation. They’ll be aiming for a right fielder. Lets look at some teams that match up in a trade.

Rays (frontrunner)  They could just keep Jackson as the fourth starter and trade Andy Sonnanstine instead. That is the more likely scenerio, but don’t be surprised to see them pull the triger on the right deal.

Cardinals (frontrunners)  How about Rick Ankiel for E-Jax. Ankiel will be a free agent after next season and the Cardinals could trade an outfielder to open up a spot for top prospect Colby Rasmus. If they could nab Jackson, they might be pursuaded to trade Ankiel. I like this possible trade a lot for both teams.

Mets (possible)  They could offer Ryan Church. I know they need outfield help, but if they sign a free agent left fielder and are fine with letting Daniel Murphy play every day in right field, then they could make this trade. Church seems like the type of player the Rays would like to aquire. He’s underrated and has a good combination of batting average, speed, and power. This deal could work for both sides under the right sircumstances.

Braves (possible)  I have stated before that Jeff Francoeur for Edwin Jackson would make sense, and I still think the same as I did then. Although, I like it a little bit better for the Braves know.


  1. districtboy

    Do you give any thought of Fernando Tatis starting in left or right field? I mean, it wouldn’t be the first time he’s suddenly put up big numbers, but I think it still he would still make Ryan Church leaving easier to bear. And of course, like you said, the Mets could get a free agent. I’m seriously digging Brian Giles for New York. Actually, the Mets and Rays may end up fighting over Giles. He makes great sense for both teams. Also, you’re exactly right on the Cardinals. They are going to trade at least one outfielder. Even if they decide to put Schumaker on the bench, they still have Duncan, Rasmus, Ankiel, Ludwick, Mather, Lopez, and Stavinoha in the outfield.


  2. Joe

    Fernando Tatis is a free agent and I think he’s kind of an abiration. I could see him platooning with Murphy, though, and would be easy to lure back. Giles’ option will probably get picked up, but he could be aquired in a trade. The Rays have the upper hand on that one with way more pieces.
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