Kyle Lohse Signs 4 Year, 41 Million Dollar Extension

Right after I posted that Kyle Lohse could be extended, he did get extended for four years, 41 million plus a full no trade claus. It seems a little bit of a better deal for the Cardinals than for the Mariners with Carlos Silva, but I still think Scott Boras did a good job. Remember when everyone thought he screwed up Lohse by not taking the 3 year, 30 million contract offered by the Mets and the Phillies? Well, that looks like a smart move now. Instead of getting that, he gets effectively 5 years, 45.5 million. So, an extra two years for 15 million. Looks like a nice job. Plus, he got Lohse a NTC (no trade claus) which could eventually be bought out for an extra 2-3 million. It doesn’t look terrible for the Cards, but still a win by Boras. I would’ve perfered 3 years instead of four, but he is young, so hopefully it won’t matter. The bar for starting pitching has been set.

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