Award Predictions: National League

Here are your national league award predictions.


Albert Pujols.  Albert has carried the Cardinals, just like he usually does. His great batting average, power, and defense make him by far the most valueable player in the NL. Some people think the MVP has to come from a playoff team, but when you look at the impact Pujols has had on the Cards, you have to pick him. Everyone who likes Carlos Delgado for MVP aren’t thinking straight. Remember when he should have been cut after an aweful two months. So, you’re saying that four good moths of Delgado is better than six of Albert? I don’t think so.

Cy Young

Johan Santana.  I know he didn’t have a Johan-type start to the season, but look at his numbers. An ERA in the 2.50 range. He has carried the Mets into the playoffs – not Delgado – and he could help them get far into the playoffs if they make it. He is, by far, the Cy Young for the national league.

Rooky of the Year 

Geovany Soto.  Like the other two picks, this one is very easy to me. Soto is by far the best rooky in the NL. He might even be the best catcher in the NL. I can’t think of any other good candidates for the job.

Manager of the Year

Jerry Manuel.  There aren’t many great choices for this award, but I think it’s got to be Jerry Manuel. Ever since the Mets fired Willy Randolf and promoted Manuel, they have been on fire and have a great chance at making the playoffs. Lou Pinella would have to be the choice if the Cubs win the world series, though.

General Manager of the Year

Jim Hendry.  He got steal, after steal, after steal this season. First, he signed Reed Johnson to a cheap, 1.3 million deal. Then, he added Jim Edmonds for around 0.25 million. After that, he finished it off by completley stealing Rich Harden away from the A’s. Rich could be the difference between a playoff exit and a world series. They also got a useful reliever in Chad Gaudin. They barely gave up anything, just a few spare parts and Sean Gallagher. He got hurt, anyway. I can’t think of a better GM in the game.



    Just giving the West coast a little love after a tough season. Still, these are some great choices for awards.

    MVP: Manny Ramirez, yeah he hasn’t been in the NL for long but he already switched the mentality of the entire National League. Manny is also one of the main reasons the Dodgers are in the playoffs.

    Cy Young: Tim Lincecum, with an ERA of 2.62, 18 wins, 265 strikeouts. In a tough division such as the NL West this kid is one of the best pitchers ever. I can definatly put him up there with Jake Peavy, Brandon Webb, Chris Carpenter, and Randy Johnson.

    ROOKIE of the year: yeah Geovany Soto is definitely up there. Did a great job. However there are a few others I can see in this ranking. Blake DeWitt of the Dodgers is a ballplayer, he does everything he is supposed to do, and it doesn’t matter what day it is, and who they’re playing. Probably wont take the award, but needs to be noted.

    Manager Of The Year: Joe Torre, he came to the team saying it will take awhile, but in one season the Dodgers, have made it to the Playoffs, and won their first playoff series in Twenty Years. Not to mention this is Torres 13th consecutive playoff appearance.

    GM of the Year: Ned Colleti of the Los Angeles Dodgers changed the mentality of baseball especially in the west to the way it used to be. A bunch of kids being raised from the farm system all the way to the majors. Why get rid of good players when you have a great team. Certainly having Rafael Furcal, and then picking up Casey Blake, and Manny Ramirez made a huge deal, and the D’s are doing amazing. They’ve definately had a great season due to a solid Bullpen as well. This was a team that last year had no chance of a playoff this season, and now they’ve swept the cubs, and are taking it to Philly.

  2. Joe

    Manny has only played two months in the NL. I look at it like this: Would you rather have Manny for two months or Pujols for 6.

    I considered Lincecum, but the Mets are a better team and play in a division with more offensive firepower. Before Manny came to LA, there was no team there that scared me.

    If you look at Soto’s numbers compared to DeWitt’s, it’s not even close who the better player is. Plus, Gio plays a more scarce position.

    Now that the Mets have missed the playoffs, I agree with the Torre pick for the same reasons you said.

    Colleti did great in-season, but he also made the biggest blunder of the winter by signing Andruw Jones. If he didn’t do that, he would have the award.

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