Player Market: Pat Burrell

Pat Burrell is going to get a lot of money from some team. Lets look at who could offer the most.

Royals (frontrunner)  Pat Burrell makes a lot of sense for the Royals. He is a big-bat left fielder with a ton of power. The Royals have a good amount of money to spend, but could probably, only afford one big name free agent. They could chose to go in a different direction and sign a shortstop or starting pitcher instead. This is a good possibility, however.

Braves (frontrunner)  They too may decide to go in another direction such as adding a starting pitcher instead. The Braves could go for Burrell instead, however, if his price is low because there won’t be a huge market for him. He makes a lot of sense for their team if the want to add a big bat.

Mets (frontrunner)  It seems as if they would rather go after a starting pitcher instead of a hitter. But if they get since the Braves and Phillies will be interested as well, the Mets might sign him anyway to keep him away from thoses two teams.

Angels (possible)  They have shown interest in Burrell in the past and could go after him as a DH for 2009. If they can’t resign Mark Teixera I’m sure they’ll go all in for Burrell or Adam Dunn. Since they probably will resign Tex, I listed them as “possible.” If they miss out on Tex their the “frontrunners.”

Phillies (dark horse)  They don’t have much money to spend at all, but if they trade Ryan Howard to open salary, or Burrell takes a big discount, then I could see him staying. He said he would like to return, as well.


  1. kendog18

    personally, i dont think burrell is a good fit for this team. he reminds me of Adam Dunn a little: low average, high home runs. I dont think this Mets team needs that. I think that Murphy should start in Left, or platoon him with Fernando Martinez. Evans should go back to his native position at first and platoon with Delgado. Orlando Hudson, welcome to New York.

  2. Joe

    Burrell isn’t a great fit, it makes more sense to go after pitching. But if they miss out on some of the starters, they could look to add offense instead. It doesn’t matter if you win 10-8 instead of 6-4.
    All Baseball All The Time

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