Player Market: Jon Garland

A young innings eater, Jon Garland, will be in high demand this winter. Lets look at some teams that could be interested.

Braves (frontrunner)  They are likely to be spending some money this offseason, and would love to add a healthy innings eater. I’m sure they will be among the leading contenders to land Garland.

Dodgers (frontrunner)  Garland lives in LA. Since there probably won’t be a home for him on one side of town, he could go to the other. The Dodgers will definatly be in the market for pitching this winter, unlike the Angels. And Garland is just like a younger, not as good version of Derek Lowe.

Mets (frontrunner)  They can use all the pitching they can get. The Mets are in on almost every free agent starter. They will go after Garland if they can’t sign other, better free agents instead. One thing is for sure: the Mets are going to get a good starting pitcher via free agency this offseason.

Cardinals (possible)  They too will be in on almost every good free agent starter. Jon Garland would be a great signing for the Cardinals. He would add an established innings eater to their team. Look for them to pursue him hard.

Royals (possible)  He is young, and a good pitcher, so look for the Royals to make an offer. They want to add one more pitcher to the top two of Zack Greinke and Gil Meche. Garland would slot in nicely behind those two pitchers. If they make the right signings, this team could be contending before you know it.

Angels (slight chance)  There is a slight chance that the Angels offer Jon Garland a contract to come back. This wouldn’t make a lot of sense to me, however. They have Kelvim Escobar coming back from injury to fill Garland’s void. Maybe they could resign him if they traded one of their other pitchers.

White Sox (dark horse)  I think the White Sox are a dark horse for Jon Garland because he’s played there before. I know that they don’t need a starter, but apparently Kenny Williams doesn’t want Jose Contreras in the rotation next year. Garland would make sense in that case, and you never know what Kenny will do.


  1. Joe

    I’m almost 100% sure the Yankees will add a better starter than Garland. CC Sabathia, Ben Sheets, AJ Burnett, and Derek Lowe, are all better. The way they spend, they’ll get a better pitcher than Garland.

    This is from: All Baseball All The Time

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