Player Market: Ryan Dempster

Ryan Dempster will have an enourmas amount of suitors. Lets dig into ’em.

Cubs (frontrunner) Demp’ loves Chicago, has a great relationship with managment, and donates a lot to the Cubs charities. There is no question he would like to return, and there is no question the Cubs want him back. I’m not even going to explain why because he has just been so good this year. If the Cubs offer a fair amount, he most likely will be back.

Astros (possible) If Dempster doesn’t return to the Cubs for whatever reason, look for him to have the Astros as a big suitor if they don’t sign Ben Sheets. This team needs pitching and will probably get it. It just depends which pitcher they sign.

Braves (possible) The Braves are looking for a veteran starting pitcher and Ryan Dempster is a very good one. He would be a great fit on the Braves, he is a good person, and a solid leader. The Braves like those types and should have serious interest in Ryan.

Mets (possible) If the Mets strike out on different targets, they could look to sign Ryan Dempster. He is the solid #2 the Mets need. Look for them to be big players on Demp’, they need him.

Rangers (dark horse) The Rangers could use a solid middle-of-the-rotation starter. Dempster would make this a much better team.


  1. kendog18

    if the mets will be able to sign him, im all for it.

    1. santana
    2. dempster
    3. pelfrey
    4. maine
    5. niese

    the 5 spot is subject to change, but thats a great rotation right there. the first 2 are aces, and 3-4 can post eras under 4.

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