Player Market: Ben Sheets

Ben Sheets is going to get a lot of money somewhere despite being injury prone. The only question is where. Some teams interested could be the…


Yankees (frontrunner)  The Yankees have a very good chance of signing CC Sabathia, but if they somehow miss out on him, look for them to turn to Ben Sheets. I think it’s almost 100% that they sign either CC or Sheets. 

Astros (frontrunner)  The Astros need to get some pitching and are only a Ben Sheets type of starter away from competing. They probably won’t have enough money to afford CC Sabathia, so why not get the next best starter on the market, Ben Sheets. They have a lot of money to spend Sheets lives in Texas. This team is definatly one of the frontrunners for him.

Red Sox (frontrunner)  The Red Sox don’t really need Sheets, but they think he gives them the best rotation in the MLB, which is a true statment if they get him. They have a lot of money to burn this offseason and could just overpay for him even though they don’t have a need. This team is likely to be very agressive to grab one of the two aces before the Yankees do.

Mets (front runner)  Look for the Mets to be very active in the Ben Sheets sweepstakes. They have said that their primary need to starting pitching, and assuming they can’t afford Sabathia, Sheets would be next in line. They have the money to get him and the need. I could see them really overpaying to grab him.

Brewers (possible)  It is very possible the Brewers retain their ace. It seems like Sheets likes Milwaukee, and he would be crucial for the team if they want to stay competetive. They might be willing to pay a little bit extra to keep him away from the Astros. I don’t think it is very likely he stays, however, because Sheets is going to want a lot of money.

Rangers (dark horse)  The Rangers are an interesting dark horse candidate. Ben Sheets lives in Dallas, and would probably like to move back home. The Rangers need starting pitching and could make a big offer to Sheets. If they want him badly enough, they could afford him.


One comment

  1. usmcbrewerfan

    Ben Sheets is the most overrated pitcher and the most overpaid pitcher in the majors. The brewers should have cut him a long time ago. I can’t see anyone paying him more money than Milwaukee already is, and I know the brewers wouldn’t pay him what he is making now. He has a career high in wins this year 13, how pathetic. Not striking out batters like he used to.

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