Billy Wagner out for 2009, Mets need K-Rod

MLB Trade Rumors is reporting that Billy Wagner will have Tommy John surgery and miss the entire 2009 season. This really hurt the Mets for this year’s chances and for next year it hurts an already terrible bullpen. Omar Minaya will be busy in the offseason for pitching. One guy that makes perfect sense is Francisco Rodriguez. He is a free agent that says he likes New York and the Mets are a contender without a closer that need one and have a lot of money to spend. The Mets are now the perfect fit for K-Rod. If they somehow miss out, don’t be surprised if they go after Brian Fuentes, Kerry Wood, or Brandon Lyon. Those are the other good closers on the free agent market. You can see the closer market here. I have a feeling the Mets are going to spend a lot on pitching this offseason.



  1. metsj26

    That would be great if the mets negotiate for K-Rod, but i think they should focus on starting pitchers, C.C Sabathia is one of them and I think they should consider on Aj Burnet, cuz you wont need a closer if the starter doens’t work out that day, and don’t forget about a second baseman and a left fielder

  2. kendog18

    the mets need k rod absoutely. the rotation is not the problem, its the bullpen. cc is overrated, burnett is injured a lot, and so is sheets. the mets should trade luis castillo for a bullpen piece, but with krod, the bullpen is seriously upgraded.

  3. Joe


    Should the Mets really give out two record setting deals to starting pitchers? I know it will help them in the short term, but when those deals start ending, the Mets will be stuck with two bad contracts. Second base isn’t a need unless they find a taker for Castillo, which isn’t likely. They could sign K-Rod, a starter, and a Raul Ibanez type.


    I agree that they need K-Rod, but they also need to sign a starter, just not a top line one like CC which will break the bank.

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