Offseason Plan: New York Yankees

I saved the New York Yankees for last because I thought they would be the most fun. The Yankees, almost definatly going to miss the playoffs for the first time in 13 years, are going to have a major spending spree to get back there in 2009. It’s also their first year in the new Yankee Stadium. They have a ton of money to spend and are likely to spend most of it if not all of it. First off, they need to fix their pitching. Both relief and starting pitching are needs. They also need to add a bat. This bat could come from almost any position. Pitching is what they need to get to first, however. CC Sabathia is at the top of their list. They are likely to offer CC the biggest contract a starter has ever gotten, and Sabathia will likely take it. That solidifies the #1 spot and Chien-Ming Wang is a very good #2. They also need to make a second signing after CC. They could go after AJ Burnett, or just stick with resigning Mike Mussina. I think the latter is more likely. If they could sport a rotation of CC Sabathia, Chien-Ming Wang, Joba Chamberlain, Mike Mussina/AJ Burnett, Phil Hughes, this team would be back in October next year. Andy Pettitte could also be resigned if they miss out on Mussina and Burnett. That isn’t likely, however. Or if the Yankees trade Hughes. That isn’t likely either. It would be smart of them to sign an injury risk or a swing man because the rotation has a lot of injury prone players like Wang, Joba, and Hughes. Now, they need to address the bullpen. Damaso Marte’s option should be declined. They need to get a better lefty reliever like Will Ohman, as well as another reliever like Chad Durbin. After that comes the hitter they need. They will go after Mark Teixera, but both he and Sabathia are unlikely. They could look to resign Pudge Rodriguez and shift Jorge Posada to first base. If they feel Posada can handle catcher they could resign Bobby Abreu to play right field and put Xavier Nady at first base. They could bring back both Abreu and Pudge and then trade Hideki Matsui. It has been said that Robinson Cano could be moved in the right deal, and then they could sign Orlando Hudson to replace him. I don’t like this because Cano is just having an off year. Last year and in 2006, he was better than Hudson. Cano would have to bring in something awefully good to trade him. Jason Giambi could be resigned, also. I would rather have Abreu, however, because it improves the defense with Nady at first instead of Giambi. One guy I think is likely to be traded is Ian Kennedy. Maybe he could fetch a decent reliever or a could be part of a package deal with Hughes or Cano for a big hitter like Ryan Howard or Prince Fielder. Bengie Molina could also be aquired if they missed out on resigning Pudge. The Yankees are a team likely to make a lot of noise this offseason, especially on pitching.

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  1. gesers

    alright, i should be the GM for the yankees. I will state that first. Here are my plans for the 2009 yankees minus bullpen needs. I dont know all the bullpen free agents or trade possibilties so i dont wont to talk about what I dont know about. BUT, here are my yankees of 2009, tell me what you think…….
    C-Jorge Posada-He says he will be able to catch 125 games next year. He is a veteran who’s word I will take. We have a good back up in Molina who can catch the rest of the time.
    1B-Mark Texiera-This guy is nuts. Great hitter. Good Glove. Spend the money on him.
    2B-Robbie Cano-Yeah, he did have an off year, but remember the previous years? He hit .342 one year! He does show some lazyness so bring Bowa back to get on his ***.
    3B-AROD-I really do not like him that much but, he is one of the best REGULAR SEASON hitters in the game so yeah enough said.
    SS-Derek Jeter-I dont even have to explain myself on this one.
    LF-Johnny Damon-Had another good year this year. WEAK arm but I like him still.
    CF-Melkey Cabrera-My most controversial decision. I know he was bad last year but I am willing to give him another shot. He has potential and he is a good outfielder.
    RF-Xavier Nady-Good addition. Takes Abreu’s spot. Hes an all round solid player.
    DH-Hideki Matsui-He has weak knees in the outfield but this guy can still hit good. Dont be suprised if he hits .290 20 homers and 100 rbi’s.
    LINEUP-1.Damon. 2. Jeter. 3. Texiera. 4. Rodriguez. 5. Matsui. 6. Nady. 7. Posada. 8. Cano. 9. Cabrera.

    1. Sabathia-Great lefty. Gives the Yanks that dominant ace.
    2. Wang-Unluckily got injured in 08. I expect another solid year in 09.
    3. Burnett-Injury prone but he is good. If they are willing to spend some money on both Sabathia and Burnett then its a playoff gurantee.
    4. Pettite-Resign him cause he wants back. He’d be a pretty damn good number 4 starter.
    5. Hughes-He has potential and his tearing up the Arizona fall league. I think he’sdmake a fine 5 starter so long as he can stay healthy for once.
    Comment-Keep Joba in the pen. Hes fantastic there. Its game over if the Yanks are up in the 8th. He is Mariano’s predacessor in the years to come.

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