Offseason Plan: Pittsburg Pirates

The Pittsburg Pirates look like they are actually getting some good young talent on their team. They did the right thing by spending 10 million on the draft including drafting and signing Pedro Alvarez. (Assuming the issues with Scott Boras get worked out) Then, they traded away players Damaso Marte, Xavier Nady, and Jason Bay at or near the trade deadline. I didn’t like the Nady/Marte trade at all. It only works out if Jose Tabata relizes his potential or if one of the three young pitchers they got could develop into a solid #3. I liked the Bay trade a lot better. They got their third baseman of the future in Andy LaRoche, so they can move Pedro Alvarez to first base. They also get two, good, power arms and former first round picks in Craig Hansen and Bryan Morris. Hansen could be their closer of the future with Morris a possible top of the rotation pitcher if he stays healthy. LaRoche could become a big impact bat eventually, and could thrive getting out of the big city of Los Angeles. The same goes with Hansen getting out of Boston. They need to continue rebuilding by spending high in the draft again as well as trading Jack Wilson. With so many teams interested in shorstops this winter and without many avalable, Wilson could bring in a lot. They have selled off all their pieces other than Wilson, however. They need to get a shortstop or pitching back in any Wilson trade. I think they’ll be able to. Some have suggested the Pirates make a big free agent signing, but I think that would be bad for this team because the money would be better off spent on the draft. This is a team could compete by 2010 or 2011 if they spend a lot on the draft and make the right trades.




    “Jorge Tabata” = “Jose Tabata.” It might sound like a little thing, but small things like that can combine to leave people taking your blog less seriously. You have some good stuff here, but I would double-check on things like this. I mean Tabata entered the season as a Top 100 prospect and absolutely raked after being traded to the Pirates, so he isn’t a name you should totally mess up!

    Also, suggesting the team could compete by 2010 or 2011 by spending a lot on the draft is a little misguided. Highly unlikely their 2009 draft picks will have much impact by 2011, except for maybe 1 guy since they will be picking early again. You are right that they are almost out of trade chips, though with McLouth and Doumit arbitration-eligible this offseason and both coming off huge years, it will be interesting to see if the Pirates decide to shop one of them. I don’t think they can get too much for Wilson. But they could definitely pick up a young SS and some pitching if they look at trading either McLouth or Doumit.

  2. bucsfan555

    I like the Nady trade because Tabata looks like a future star and i like karstens, he looks like a good 3 or 4 guy. Not sure about olhendorf or mccutchen. Bay Trade was ok. I still have hope in andy laroche even though he looks like a bust. Craig Hansen needs to fix his control problems and he will be a good reliver, i dont know about closer maybe a good set up man because i havent seen the good fastball with him. I say trade wilson, get something good out of wilson and i say this rebuliding process will be close to done and then they can start building.

  3. Joe

    I agree that the Nady trade is looking better now that Tabata has played well. I still like the trade better for the Yanks, however. The outfield is done, the corners are set if Andy LaRoche can bounce back, and the could target a shortstop and pitching in an Adam LaRoche or Jack Wilson trade.
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